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Kaypi Canyon

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One of the three passes through Kaypi Canyon.

Kaypi Canyon separates Maiz Prairie and Muyu Desert, and is home to the Sun Mark. One of the trails through this area and all pathways up to the mesas are guarded by Cactus Lizard (The Unknown). Be cautious of these dangerous monsters. On the northernmost mesa, there are two hidden statues that are mandatory to learn the Final Hit skill. One statue can be found during clear weather, while the other is only accessible during a Thunderstorm. Both can only be uncovered with the use of Exploration.


Field Bosses



  • Kaypi is the Quechuan word for this is/here/here is. It is made up of the word kay (this, being, existence, or to be) and the locative suffix -pi (meaning at the or at).
  • Canyon comes from the Spanish word cañón meaning canyon/cannon/tube, itself formed from caño (tube) and the augmentative suffix -ón (typically used to denote largeness, emphasis, and large quantity).
    • Together, Kaypi Canyon as a whole could be seen as meaning something like "this here is the canyon".