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Light of Sword

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Basic Information

Light of Sword.png
  • Possessed only by Claimh Solas and Nuadha
  • Ejects several blades from the user and uses them to rain down upon their opponents.
  • A monster may not be attacked while it is preparing the skill, but can be while the swords are firing.
  • The monster cannot move while the swords are striking down.
  • Upon usage, ten Swords of Light will fly from the monster and attack the surrounding area for approximately 6 seconds.
    • The swords move overhead, bypassing Barrier Spikes, obstacles such as trees, and solid walls.
    • They count as ranged damage, so Natural Shield is effective.
    • The swords are not limited in range and can hit anywhere.
  • The swords do not directly hit the target.
    • Rather, they aim for the position the target is standing in at the time of launch, similar to Fireball or Spear of Light. Players can safely run to a different spot to avoid the impact(s).
  • There are two different Light of Swords: one used by Claimh Solas and the other used by Nuadha.
    • When Claimh Solas unleashes the swords, it absorbs dark energy before releasing the blades from its wings to attack and pierce its enemies.
    • When Nuadha attacks with the swords, he will release several needle-like fragments of his arm before sending them down. He must be in Flight in order to perform the attack.