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Lutra River

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Lutra River.

The Lutra River separates Connous and Courcle from Rano. This river is a fork from the Suytu River.

Crossing the River

Bridges can only be found via Exploration with an L-Rod. For visual locations of the bridges, see the maps at Category:Rano, Category:Connous, and Category:Courcle.

  • Southern Bridge:
    • Head to Karu Forest.
    • Keep going north and slightly east until you appear off the mini map (you won't be able to see the dot representing your character). If you are in Connous, the bridge should be found near the N in Neres Plateau on the map.
  • Northern Bridges:
    • Head to northern Maiz Prairie.
    • They are around the area above the tiny forest that you cannot enter.