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Rano is the part of Iria that Uladh's humans have just recently discovered. They have established an outpost, known as Qilla Base Camp, at the southwestern tip of the region. Explorers and Adventurers alike have flocked to visit the exotic new land; various Artifacts and Exploration Treasures can be found scattered across the land.

Rano features harmless Horse marker.png Wild Mustangs and Wild Ostriches that can be ridden for a scenic ride. Taking a trip on all routes will reward the player with the The Horse and Ostrich Rider Title.



Artifact Map


Rano is home to many animals, such as the following:


A player will receive the "Explorer of Rano" title if he/she visits each landmark once.

You do not need to visit these to receive the "Explorer of Rano" title.

  • Monkey Mark
  • Star Mark
    • Star Mark is located in Solea (the point between the two Solea Caves that connect Rano and Physis), but contains medallions of Rano's Land Marks and is not counted toward the "Explorer of Rano" title.


Rano's dungeons are mysterious; each dungeon must be rediscovered every year (or week in real-life) since the location of the entrance changes.

Traveling to Other Regions

Rano is one of the regions connecting Connous and Physis.

  • To get to Connous, and thus Filia, one must cross a bridge spanning the Lutra River. The bridge connects East Karu Forest with West Neres Plateau in Connous, and is formed once per week (or once per game year) via L-rod.
  • To get to Physis, and thus Vales, one must go through the Solea Cave system. The caves connect Northwestern Nubes Mountains, Solea (a halfway point), and Southeast Sella Beach in Physis.
  • If you want to go to Courcle, and thus Cor, you can get to the southern region of Courcle by crossing over a Ruined Bridge at the edge of Maiz Prairie in Rano. This bridge must be found and created using Exploration.