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Mabinogi 2nd Anniversary Event

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Map of Ladeca.


A Traditional Game

How to Get Quest

Log in during Mabinogi 2nd Anniversary Event, March 17, 2010 ~ March 30, 2010.

Briefing It's me, Duncan. I wish to tell you a little bit about a traditional game we play here in Erinn. -Duncan-
Additional Information
  • When you jump to 15 meters, you will view a cutscene and be on Ladeca.
    • When either partners reach 15 meters, both you and your partner will move to Ladeca.
    • There are two NPCs on Ladeca. One is Girl on the Moon and the other is a dancing Red Panda.
    • You can get back to your previous location by talking to the girl NPC or traveling to the North-East Corner of the map and taking the Moon Gate.
    • Although you can reach the moon with a Return Coupon, you need to get there from a seesaw for it to count toward the quest.
  • Although Duncan says he'll give you a Seesaw Contruction Kit to get you started, he does not.

Seesaw Tips

  • The best method is to jump right before your partner lands if you have slight lag. Otherwise you should jump right at the moment your partner touches the board.
  • An easy way to time this is to jump right when the other person appears on your screen.
  • Try to count, tap, or do something along those lines to keep a rhythm for when your partner will land. The difference in air time between 7m and 11m is very little, so this is a good way to keep timing and can easily be adjusted as you get higher into the air due to the only very slight increase in air time.
  • While jumping you have a small chance of obtaining a Charming Pouch.
  • An alternative method: While jumping, aim your camera up so your seesaw is at the bottom of the screen and you are looking up into the sky. This will allow you to see your partner coming down earlier and make it easier to time.
  • A method to do this by sound alone is by listening to a "swishing" sound when the other player is falling. From 1m to 5m you should be able to do it regularly without the sound. By 5m to around 7m you should start hearing the "swishing" noise, by listening to when it's the loudest you can precisely click the board to jump. At 10m to 11m there are 3 "swishing" noises were you click at the third being the loudest. At 11m to 12m there will be only 2 "swishes" but because the other player is so high at this point the noise happens quickly and so you can miss it so be careful. After you pass 13m there is only one "swishing" and this is the hardest part of the run because you're basically falling like a rocket and have no warning, practicing your timing at this height will be useful.
    Tip: Best area to do the event is in Iria for having good camera zoom and no BGM to block out the noises


  • Instead of the Man on the Moon there is a Girl on the Moon.
    • This is because of East Asian folklore where there is a girl living on the moon with the moon bunnies.
      • Strangely enough, while Mabinogi is a Korean game, the girl on the moon only appears in Chinese myth as Chang'e and Japanese myth as Kaguya-hime, while having no mention in the Korean version of the myth.
  • There are Giant Moon Bunnies and Mini Milk Cows on Ladeca.
  • The Ladeca area is similar to the Imp's Dream Land Event (2009) area, but with added Moon Gates.
    • The Moon Gate to Erinn is always open.
  • If you speak to Red Panda while playing as a pet, he will say, "Wow, what a feat! It's not easy to jump all the way up to the moon! Especially if you're a big guy like me..."
  • There appears to be a glitch where after the see-saw construction kit expires, the last one to land on the ground will stay in the "ready" position, and the see-saw knocking sound will be heard repetitively.
  • The map of Ladeca used in this event was later reused in the Mabinogi 15th Anniversary event.