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Seesaw Construction Kit

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Future content.png The content on this page was available for a limited time as part of Mabinogi 2nd Anniversary Event.


Inventory icon of Seesaw Construction Kit

2 × 4

A construction kit that contains everything you need to build a seesaw. Construct a seesaw to play Jump to the Moon with a friend! If you jump high enough, you might just end up somewhere quite, far away.


  • Use the kit to set down a seesaw.
  • Two players can get on the link seesaw. You have ? minutes before the seesaw will disappear.
  • Players alternatively jump on the seesaw. The height reached will be shown. The goal is for player B to jump right before player A lands, and vice-versa to get jump height until either they jump high enough, or the seesaw disappears.
  • To jump on the seesaw, left click on the area underneath the player's feet.
  • If one of the two players on the seesaw reach a height of 15m, they will be warped to Ladeca.


  • Zoom out your camera to the maximum. While the camera will focus on your character when you jump, the seesaw will remain in place.
  • Use something in the environment near the characters on the seesaw to get the proper timing. If in a Homestead, props with height may be used, such as a Homestead Blossoming Cage or something similar to it.


Shop Locations

Who Where Cost
Malcolm Tir Chonaill 200g
Walter Dunbarton
Galvin Emain Macha
Pierrick Taillteann
Effie Qilla Base Camp
Granites Filia
Zeder Vales
Black Dragon's Human Avatar
(during the Year of the Black Dragon Event (2012) only)
Traveler Zeno
(During the Wishes to the Moon Event (2024))
Port Cobh 10,000g