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For the Homestead decoration, see Ladeca (Homestead).
Ladeca in the sky.

Description and Geography

A map of Ladeca.

Ladeca is the name of the large, blue moon in Erinn's sky (the small, red one being Eweca). It is believed to be the dwelling ground of space rabbits. The in-game phase of Ladeca slowly changes in real-time and matches the real-world phase of Earth's Moon.

Blessing of Ladeca

Players obtain the blessing of Ladeca at Current Level 100 in the form of one of three active, racial skills (the Human Breath of Ladeca, the Giant Might of Ladeca, and the Elven Vision of Ladeca). The effect of this blessing increases with a player's Cumulative Level, up to 20,000.



During the Mabinogi 2nd Anniversary Event, players could reach Ladeca's surface by using a Seesaw Construction Kit to jump to the moon. Players who made a Return Coupon by using a Housing Flyer could use it to return to this map.

Local NPCs

Areas Connected

  • Erinn (Moon gates, one-way only)


  • Moon Stone Pieces may be used to return to the location of a bigger Moonstone chunk in Erinn.
  • Ladeca in-game uses an image of the real-world Moon of Earth.
  • Ladeca and Eweca share an identity crisis, with each moon sometimes being mistaken for the other.
    • Ladeca and Eweca originally were described with each other's colors in the official Korean 2004 Mabinogi Official Guidebook.
    • The Shadow of Ladeca and the Ladeca Shield use a blue-colored graphic of Eweca instead of the graphic for Ladeca.
    • Ladeca in the official artwork for Crom Bás uses a blue-colored featureless moon without the graphic of Ladeca applied.
    • Ladeca Red is a named Color that Characters can use for their eyes. This is despite Ladeca being blue.
  • The real-world Moon orbiting Earth appears blue similar to Ladeca on occasion.
    • It can turn blue due to atmospheric particles (i.e. volcanic ash) blocking certain wavelengths of light.
  • On the Korean server, Caravan Joe appeared with a space helmet during a Harvest Festival (Chuseok Holiday) Event in 2004.
  • All NPCs and NPC Animals disappeared after the event period ended, though on occasions some will erroneously be added back in; this is only observable by players who still possess a method to teleport to the surface of Ladeca.

Themed Gear