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Mabinogi World Wiki talk:Wiki Tips for New Editors

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
We need a decorative slot page313:15, 1 June 2012
No White. |:612:53, 31 January 2012
Image Cleaning Guide017:59, 10 August 2011
3ML editor008:59, 9 July 2011
Adding images from newer windows008:32, 3 May 2011

We need a decorative slot page

I do not know enough about coding to understand how to put an entire new page on the wiki. If someone who is smarter than my self would post a stub for thedecorative slot-it would be greatly appreciated. The decorative slot is activated by the decorative slot key and last for a period of 30days before expiring and requiring a new key to renew it. New keys can be bought at the beauty shop.

Updater10:51, 1 June 2012

Maybe put the info on the Beauty Shop page for now.

Angevon (Talk)10:55, 1 June 2012

What about the Inventory page?

Pyro - (Talk)11:50, 1 June 2012

Yeah it fits better on the inventory page. Looks like people have already put it there anyway.

Angevon (Talk)13:15, 1 June 2012

No White. |:

So the image policy requests no white, and for some photos, I can fix that or may have already. But what about clothing that has a white default like the Sailor Uniforms and the Vampire Set for females for example. Those pages say they need replacements, but my question is; is it really necessary, since those have default white parts?

Anemki23:54, 30 January 2012

To my understanding, I would think those would be an exception to the rule...then again it's typically up to the community to decide, if not the admins/mods of the wiki.

Mikaya00:24, 31 January 2012

I brought those pages up specifically, because they say NeedPicture at the bottom. S:

Anemki02:59, 31 January 2012

Maybe there should be a subsection in the image gallery? like say... "Default Colors" or something like that...?

Mikaya07:34, 31 January 2012

Probably. Because honestly, the photos for things that are default like that, you kinda cannot help that they have black and white already. So, Iunno, maybe adding one would be a good idea?

Anemki09:14, 31 January 2012

I don't have either of those outfits mentioned in your post. typically my siblings send pictures of their characters with the items/clothes, or they actually let me borrow it. Since I'm taking an off break, I don't I'll be uploading in-game images anytime soon.

Mikaya09:53, 31 January 2012

A "Default Colors" section on the gallery page sounds good to me.

Angevon (Talk)12:53, 31 January 2012

Image Cleaning Guide

May I add on or make a guide on how to properly clean an image?

Pyro - (Talk)17:59, 10 August 2011

3ML editor

updated the link to bring users to 3MLeditor's official web page managed by the programs author, aloe.

Tripn08:59, 9 July 2011

Adding images from newer windows

While running Mabinogion windowed, under start menu then accessories there is a sniping tool that allows you to cut a picture from anywhere on the screen. This is probably a better method than the one listed, though I only know that it works on vista and 7. I'd make the edit but this is a help for new editors page and, well I'm a new editor.

AMM6608:32, 3 May 2011