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Windmill (Public)

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For the Combat Skill, see Windmill.
For the enchant, see Rank 8 Enchants#Windmill.


Windmill Public Front.png Windmill Public Rear.png Windmill Public Activated.png Windmill Public Inactive.png
Front Rear Activated Inactive
Tir Chonaill Windmill.png
  • The Windmill is a production tool and public tool used to mill various food related material into ingredients used for cooking. See the Milling List for all the items that can be made using the Windmill.
  • The Windmill is initially inactive; players must speak to Alissa to activate the windmill.
    • There is a fee of 100 gold to operate the windmill for 1 real-time minute and 450 gold for 5 real-time minutes.
    • A large bucket appears under the moving hammer when the Windmill is activated.
    • After the windmill has been activated, players can start milling by left-clicking on its hammer.
      • Any player can use it and more than one player can use it at the same time.
  • When a player attempts to use the Windmill, one of the two following messages will appear across the screen:
    • The Mill is currently not in operation. Once you operate it, you can grind the crops into flour. This means that the Windmill is inactive.
    • {Player Name} had activated the Windmill. Anybody can use it now to grind crops into flour. This means that the Windmill has been activated.

See Category:Public Tools or Public Tools List for more public tools and Category:Production Tools or Production Tools List for all production tools.


  • Tir Chonaill is the only town which has a Windmill. It has only one, located in the south-eastern part of the town, opposite to the Inn.