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Mineral Explosion

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Basic Information

  • Possessed only by Hasidim.
  • Hasidim leaps into the air and channels Unholy Light to create purple minerals above all players regardless of their distance from it. As it floats in the air, it will drop its blade down, causing the minerals to simultaneously explode on all players, dealing tremendous damage. Afterwards, he will land back on the ground.
    • Can be defended against by using Shield of Trust.
      • The damage reduction bonus from ranking the skill does not matter; all ranks will nullify the attack entirely.
    • If any player is not under the Shield of Trust effect when the minerals explode, all players will take a second hit regardless of whether or not they are protected.
      • If players use invulnerability frames, are mounted, or are dead, when Hasidim explodes the minerals, they will not be counted as shielded, causing all players to take additional explosion damage.
    • Additionally, players will be given a debuff that prevents them from using Crusader Skills for a short period.
    • At lower HP (<25%), Hasidim may fake out a Mineral Explosion by jumping into the air before using a different skill.
      • This can be accidentally forced by using an AI resetting skill or a pet's summon effect at higher HP.
  • Forces Divine Link to cancel.
  • Hasidim uses this skill when its Health is at any point, but only uses it every ~40 seconds.
    • Hasidim will almost immediately use this skill after two other attacks when the raid starts.
    • Using skills that drop aggro such as Crisis Escape may cause Hasidim to cancel the skill, but it will not put the skill on cooldown.
  • Hasidim cannot be attacked while it is preparing and using the skill.
  • Mineral Explosion does not ignore Mana Shield or invulnerability frames (e.g. Transformations).
  • Hasidim may leap into the air and almost immediately explode the minerals, or he may detonate them after a very long delay.
    • If the entire squad defends against the skill using the effect of Shield of Trust, Hasidim will land and begin flailing in agony, then kneel on the ground in pain.
      • Using Celestial Spike on Hasidim during this state will extend the stun and allow players to deal massive damage with Judgment Blade. This has no indicator besides an extended kneeling time.
      • Hasidim requires 48 ranks of Celestial Spikes in order to be stunned.