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Monster Dodge Event

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Monster Dodge Event advertisement

June 22nd, 2017 ~ July 5th, 2017


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…sheep wolf!? Sheep wolves are invading Tir Chonaill Pasture. Talk to Deian at the Pasture to investigate what really happened. Was he really the hero Tir Chonaill needed, or did he run away like a coward? Find out now during the Monster Dodge Event!


  • Register your character with Deian during the Monster Dodge Event to participate.
  • Collect Suspicious Wolf Wool and Drool-Soaked Rag from hitting the Sheep Wolves that spawn just north of Ciar. You do not have to kill them, just hit them and the items will randomly appear in your inventory.
    • Sheep Wolves will spawn 36 minutes real-time after the previous wave spawns.
      • Since 36 minutes real time is exactly 1 Erinn Day, The Sheep Wolves spawns at the time the previous wolves despawns.
        • Sometimes, regular sheep will spawn instead. They will be named differently from normal sheep, and cannot be sheared or attacked.
          • If this happens, change channels until a Sheep Wolf is found.
  • Collecting 10 Drool-Soaked Rag will turn them into Restored Piece of Cloth which you can use (Right Click -> Use Item) to enter the Shadow Mission Deian's Real Story.
    • In the Shadow Mission, you will RP as Deian the Self-Proclaimed Hero.
    • You start out surrounded by Barrier spikes similar to the Shadow Mission Provocation
    • Wolves will begin spawning once the dialogue is finished.
    • Wolves will run in straight lines directly towards your character.
    • After some time, a Sheepherder will spawn.
    • The mission ends when a wolf manages to touch you.
    • Titles will be given based on how long you survive the Shadow Mission.
      • Wolf Nibblet (last less than 1 minute)
        • STR +1, INT +1, DEX +1, Will +1, Luck +1, Max HP +3, Max Stamina +3, Max Mana +3.
      • Wolf Chew Toy (last less than 1 minute 20 secs)
        • STR +2, INT +2, DEX +2, Will +2, Luck +2, Max HP +5, Max Stamina +5, Max Mana +5.
      • Waltzes-With-Wolves (last less than 2 minutes)
        • STR +3, INT +3, DEX +3, Will +3, Luck +3, Max HP +7, Max Stamina +7, Max Mana +7.
      • Wolfishly Agile (last 2 minutes or more)
        • STR +4, INT +4, DEX +4, Will +4, Luck +4, Max HP +10, Max Stamina +10, Max Mana +10.
    • Additionally, Giant Bugle of Lies with limited duration will be given based on how long you survive the Shadow Mission.
      • Lasting 30 seconds will grant a bugle with 1 hour duration.
      • Lasting 1 minute will grant a bugle with 5 day duration.
      • Lasting 1 minute 20 seconds will grant a bugle with 10 day duration.
      • Lasting 2 minutes or more will grant 2 bugle with permanent duration.


[Guide] Wolf! Wooolf!
How to Get Quest

Login during the Monster Dodge Event

Briefing There are very, very suspicious wolves appearing all over town, but no one is listening to me! I'm so frustrated! Come see me if you want to know more about the suspicious wolves!
  • Select Main Character
  • 401 Experience Points
Additional Information

Talk to Deian in the Tir Chonaill Pasture.

[Event] Shepherd Boy Deian's Request
How to Get Quest

Complete [Guide] Wolf! Wooolf! quest.

Briefing Suspicious wolves have appeared around Tir Chonaill. Chase off the wolves for Deian, who is busy herding sheep. You can get wool by hitting the wolves.
[Event] Pro Wolf Herder
How to Get Quest

Complete [Guide] Wolf! Wooolf! quest.

Briefing Deian really seems to have something against the wolves. He may give you a special present as thanks if you drive the wolves off every day.
  • Deian's Request Day 1
  • Deian's Request Day 2
  • Deian's Request Day 3
  • Deian's Request Day 4
  • Deian's Request Day 5
  • Deian's Request Day 6
  • Deian's Request Day 7
  • Deian's Request Day 8
  • Deian's Request Day 9
  • Deian's Request Day 10


Deian's Bravado Box


Gem sizes are 4cm for diamonds and 5cm for the rest.

Transformation Medals