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Party Quest Event (2009)

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April 16th - April 30th, 2009


It's time to party! Gather your friends and speak with Price. The disenfranchised paladin will send you and your friends on a preliminary quest to test your teamwork. If you can complete one of the items on the quest scroll given to you by Price, return to him. Impressed, Price will offer your party another quest; this time to enter and emerge victorious from a dungeon. Should your efforts be fruitful, return once more to Price. He will reward you and each of your friends with a treasure chest, each with the possibility of containing a rare item![1]


How to Get Quest

Talk to Price during the event period.

Briefing Unknown

Speak with Price. Form a party and complete Price's tasks. When you have completed the collection requirements, Price will ask you to complete a dungeon. After completing the assigned dungeon, make sure everyone in the party has inventory space (1x2) or you will not receive the third quest. Each party member will receive the same quest. The third quest simply requires you to talk to Price to receive your reward. Make sure to have inventory room (2x1) or no prize will be given. This quest can be done multiple times.

Each of the objectives of the party quest are random. It will always contain...

Note: Items bought, created with life skills, traded for, or fished (except for fish) will not count toward the Party Quest. They must be obtained as monster or object drops (except for the Base Herbs which can be collected via picking).

  • 800 Experience Points
  • 5000 Gold
Additional Information

Any of the Uladh dungeons may be randomly assigned, including Peaca.

There are two theories about the determinants of the generated dungeon:

  1. The dungeon assigned is the dungeon closest to the party. To make sure you get a dungeon you'd like to do, gather everyone in the lobby of said dungeon, then complete the collection portion of the quest. If this is true, your party will be assigned to that dungeon.
  2. The members' CP and/or amount of people in the party count towards which dungeon quest you'll get. If this is true, do the collection part with a full party, then transfer all of the items to the party leader, then have everyone leave the party except the two lowest-level members, complete the quest, then add everyone back into the party and run the dungeon.

There have been exceptions and discrepancies in both methods, so do not rely on these theories.

Random Rewards