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Small Red Gem

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Inventory icon of Small Red Gem

1 × 1

A small red gem. Rare gems, the red ones are considerably more valuable than other gems.

Methods to Obtain

Monster Drops

Hitting Props

  • Hitting most man-made objects will eventually drop a Small Red Gem.


Used In


Name Item Rank Skill Rank Production
Materials Needed
Magic Powder (Red Gem)
C D 100 Small Red Gem × 1
Base Herb × 1
  • This gem has the second highest success rate for making Magic Powder.



Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Glittering Paper x10 Paper x10 Small Red Gem x1 Small Green Gem x1 Small Blue Gem x1 Small Silver Gem x1 Novice
Advanced Mana Preservation Stone MP 100 Potion x1 Earth Crystal x1 Small Red Gem x1 8