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Portrait of Pero
Race Goblin (Fomor)
Gender Male
Occupation Arena Keeper
Location Dunbarton
(Rabbie Arena Foyer)


He may look like a typical Goblin, with the dry skin, intimidating looks, and the heavy breathing that garbles most of his speech, but he seems somehow different from other Goblins. His piercing eyes betray a level of intelligence that puts you at ease, and the corners of his mouth are forced a bit upwards, which closely resembles a human smile.

Pero is a guard in Rabbie Dungeon's battle arena lobby. Like Goro, Muro, and Tiro, Pero was raised by Price at a young age and has a possible interest for merchanting. Apparently, unlike his siblings, Pero does not speak the human language very well; he speaks only one word at a time, although he continues practicing the language every day.

Favorite Items


Pero's Equipment