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Portrait of Tiro
Race Goblin (Fomor)
Gender Male
Occupation Traveling Salesman
Location Advanced Uladh Dungeons


Tiro is a Goblin NPC who, like Goro, Muro, and Pero, is friendly towards Humans. Like his fellows, Tiro was raised by Price.

Like his "father", Tiro is a wandering merchant. He only appears in Advanced-level Uladh dungeons, with the exception of Peaca Basic and Peaca Intermediate. Many of his items are rare and much sought-after. However, his items are priced much higher than that of other NPCs.

Tiro as he appears in-game.




  • Tiro, unlike his brothers, does not actually have an NPC portrait.
  • Previously, Tiro had a white eye color. This was erroneously changed to a blue eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.