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Soul Absorption

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Basic Information

  • Possessed only by Girgashiy.
  • Girgashiy only uses this skill when its Health is at a certain point based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Solo/Easy: Not used
    • Normal/Generation 19: 5.00~24.99%
    • Hard: 5.00~34.99%
    • Very Hard: 0.00~44.99%, and 60.00~74.99%
  • Girgashiy will stand still and stab itself with the staff in reverse grip, summoning a transparent soul from all players, which will then move toward Girgashiy. If they reach a range of 100 within Girgashiy, the player whose soul came into contact will immediately be Knocked Unconscious and Girgashiy will heal 2% of its maximum Health.
    • In Very Hard difficulty, Girgashiy will heal 7%.
    • Has a load time of two seconds.
    • Girgashiy stabbing itself is purely an aesthetic animation and does not harm it.
    • When the souls appear, the screen will flash once.
    • The souls can be attacked, which will stun them for 4 seconds. However, they have Advanced Heavy Stander and Invulnerability.
    • Soul Absorption does no damage; a revived player will still have the same health prior to getting unconscious by this skill.
  • Girgashiy cannot be attacked while it is preparing the skill.
  • This skill affects unconscious players, allowing Girgashiy to heal off of them.
  • Attacking Girgashiy will stop the attack. The amount of damage needed to stop the attack is based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Generation 19: ? x number of raiding players
    • Normal: 840 x number of raiding players
    • Hard/Very Hard: 1,200 x number of raiding players
    • While this skill is being used, a purple bar appears above Girgashiy's health bar, indicating the amount of damage needed to stop the attack.
    • Soul Absorption's "health" is not affected by Girgashiy's defensive stats.
  • After use, Girgashiy will be briefly stunned. The time of its stun is based on the difficulty of the raid:
    • Generation 19: 3 seconds
    • Normal: 2 seconds
    • Hard: 1 seconds
    • Very Hard: ? seconds

Skill Issues

  • If the skill is disrupted just before the souls spawn, they will spawn in glitched, and still proceed towards where the Girgashiy used soul absorbtion.
    • The souls will still heal the Girgashiy and knock the user unconscious if they come into contact. Therefore, it is advised to wait before attacking.
    • The souls will not move once they reach the position where the Girgashiy used soul absorbtion.