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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
The following information has not been officially released by Nexon America and is original work of an author or authors.
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  • A passive skill in which the monster receives 1 damage from all but one or a few specific sources of damage.
  • The following methods are used to bypass the monster's invulnerability:
    • Attacking the monster with a certain weapon (see below).
      • The weapon used to bypass their invulnerability still takes their Defense and Protection into account.
      • Attacking the monster with any weapon other than their "weakness" will display the message "The weapon isn't making any impact!".
      • The weapon will bypass the monster's Auto Defense.
    • Poison Attack, Mirage Missile's poisoning, reflective damage from Rank 9+ Barrier Spikes, the draining portion of Life Drain, Dischord's sustained damage, Devil's Cry's damage effect, Wings of Rage after effects, Meteor Strike's leftover flames, Hydra Transmutation.

Monsters with Invulnerability


  • This skill is also known as Invincibility.