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Special Phoenix Feather (Mag Mell Mission)

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For the regular item, see Phoenix Feather.
For the variant used by pets, see Pet First-Aid Kit.
For the variant used to revive marionettes, see Marionette Repair Set.


Inventory icon of Phoenix Feather

1 × 1
Stack: 20

Whether this feather is actually from a Phoenix or not is up to debate, but it undoubtedly possesses the power to revive someone who falls in battle after losing all their Life. Press 'Ctrl+J' to use it. The Special Phoenix Feather will disappear as the power of the fairy dissipates upon exiting the mission.

Used In

  • Used to revive an unconscious player or pet at close proximity. A phoenix feather appears over the character's body, requesting revival.
    • The unconscious player must have selected "Wait for Rescue", whereas pets will automatically have the feather.
    • Phoenix Feathers can be used from a locked VIP Inventory.
    • Summoned pets must use Pet First-Aid Kits to revive their masters. However, players playing as their pet can use normal feathers.
    • The player who revived an unconscious character will receive a small amount of EXP, unless due to Pet PvP Dueling.

Obtained From