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Talk:Luxury Equipment Bag

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Multiple bags?1422:38, 25 April 2013

Multiple bags?

Can you use more than one luxury bag?

Nedo147 (talk)20:11, 24 April 2013

What, 10x14 space isn't enough for ya?

Unfortunately, only one per character...

Doomsday31415 (talk)06:28, 25 April 2013

Surprisingly, it's not for some people (including me), but it'd be better to have some extra clothing on pets. Having too much inv room, over 500 confirmed, can potentially black robe you. You start out with 180 slots from the three inventory tabs, and this bag adds another 140 totaling to 320, even more if you have other bags.

Pyro - (Talk)12:36, 25 April 2013

I have a total of 672 inventory slots at the moment: Inventory Picture

  • Basic, Me, VIP (6x10) [180]
  • 4 Vocaloid Doll Bags (5x5) [100]
  • 1 Eirawen's Bag (5x5) [25]
  • 2 Music Score Bags (7x4) [56]
  • 1 Hatsune Miku Bag (8x8) [64]
  • 1 Luxury Equipment Bag (10x14) [140]
  • 1 Item Bag (8x10) [80]
  • 1 Alchemy Crystal Bag (9x3) [27]

I have filled up all my inventory slots to test the 500+ inventory-black robe theory and it never blackrobed my character. I'm sure devCAT has already fixed this in their earlier patches.

Kiyoura (talk)12:55, 25 April 2013

Are 500+ slots filled, or just present? And it's not a theory, it was a glitch caught on camera, but I do hope you're right.

Pyro - (Talk)13:13, 25 April 2013

Could you share where you saw this?


[1] There was also some ingame discussion but that should be a gist

Pyro - (Talk)22:14, 25 April 2013

wasn't the bug exclusive to TW players only...? Besides I'm pretty positive it was fixed, otherwise KR would have the same problem no?

☽S☆A☆R☆I☆A☾ (talk)22:24, 25 April 2013

Who ever said it was exclusive to TW? The only widely known report of it was from TW. And ya, I'm fairly sure it's been raised the problem is still potentially possible in KR. Just because our English sources don't mention it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Pyro - (Talk)22:33, 25 April 2013

I'm just saying. I'm pretty sure it's only in TW when it happened. I had some what a fair amount of space in KR (before someone jacked the account) around the time the bags were implemented and nothing happened. Granted, I didn't fill all the spaces with potions, but this sounds like a case of an item overload.

I'd link it, but the link I have 404'd

☽S☆A☆R☆I☆A☾ (talk)22:37, 25 April 2013

I filled all slots in my inventory with HP10 potions (equipment in Luxury Bag) relogged and reopened client. Worked fine.

Kiyoura (talk)13:25, 25 April 2013

Oh good, then they probably increase the amount of data one character can hold before overloading.

Pyro - (Talk)13:31, 25 April 2013

I believe the number your data (inventory slots) can reach was increased from 512 to 1024, which should be impossible get right now.

LittlesnowEU (talk)14:10, 25 April 2013

To my knowledge, you can get

  • 60x3 (basic, me, VIP)
  • 100 (beauty shop bag)
  • 140 (equipment bag)
  • 80 (item bag)
  • 64 (devcat or miku bag)
  • 30x10 (firewood or ore bags)

Which totals to 864.

Doomsday31415 (talk)15:30, 25 April 2013

Also remember, in KR you can have an unlimited amount of normal item bags, imagine an inv full of devcat and vocaloid bags, you can reach the inv limit a lot sooner in Korea.

Pyro - (Talk)22:15, 25 April 2013