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Kiyoura of the Decepticons.png
Kiyoura the Decepticon

Soul Star Icon.pngKiyoura the Limit Breaker Starlet title.png

Guild Guild Master Fateless
Home Peaceful Melody
Gender Male
Race Human100
Age 15~18 years old in-game
Part-time Job at James (Emain Macha)
at Shena (Emain Macha)
at Barry (Commonwealth of Belvast)
Repair at Art or Effie
Server Mari100
Total Level 17,700
Location(s) Dunbarton (Square)
Emain Macha (Cooking Contest)
Rath Royal Castle (Banquet/Kitchen)
Commonwealth of Belvast (Pub)
Occupation Chef/Minstrel
Talent Soul Star Icon.png100
Current Talent
Favorite Skill Battlefield Overture.png100
Transformations Soul of Chaos.png100Awakening of Light.png100
Demigod Support Neamhain Skill Icon.png
Mainstream Quests
1 2 3 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
22 23 24 25
The Saga: Iria
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
The Saga: Iria II
P 1 2 3 4 5 6

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About Me

Hello, my name is Kiyoura, and I am a Moderator on this wiki. I have been contributing to the wiki since February 2010.

I began playing Mabinogi back in April 2008, during Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess on the Ruairi Server. Around the beginning of Generation 3: Dark Knight, in October 2008, I moved to the Mari Server to begin playing Mabinogi with my friend. I have been playing Mabinogi for 9 years.

I am the leader of Fateless, a guild focused on training Life Skills, fighting Raid Bosses, and Elite & Lord Missions.

If you are a new user that has just stumbled upon my user page, I would suggest reading the Wiki Policy and Wiki Tips for New Editors to get yourself started.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact me in-game, you can usually find me in Dunbarton on Channel 3, or send me a Friend Request, Note, and/or Whisper. If you would like to contact me on the wiki, please leave a message on my Talk Page or on the IRC Chat. If you want to reach me on Discord, my user is Kiyoura#5943. If you still cannot find me, you may want to contact one of the other Decepticon Moderators: User:Anemki, User:Snowie, User:Yai.


(Edit Skills)

Demigod Awakening of Light.png100Spear of Light.png100Fury of Light.png100Shadow Spirit.png100Wings of Eclipse.png100Wings of Rage.png100
Dark Knight Soul of Chaos.png100Body of Chaos.png100Hands of Chaos.png100Mind of Chaos.png100Dark Heavy Stander.png100Dark Natural Shield.png100Dark Mana Deflector.png100Control of Darkness.png100
Combat Combat Mastery.png100Smash.png100Windmill.png100Assault Slash.png100Counterattack.png100Defense.png100Charge.png100Human Ranged Attack.png100Magnum Shot.png100Arrow Revolver.png100Crash Shot.png100Support Shot.png100Critical Hit.png100Evasion.png100Lance Counter.png100Lance Charge.png100Final Hit.png100Blunt Mastery.png100Sword Mastery.png100Axe Mastery.png100Bow Mastery.png100Crossbow Mastery.png100Lance Mastery.png100Gold Strike.png100Shield Mastery.png100Light Armor Mastery.png100Heavy Armor Mastery.png100Crisis Escape.png100Dual Wield Mastery.png100Bash.png100Rage Impact.png100Urgent Shot.png100
Alchemy Alchemy Mastery.png100Mana Crystallization.png100Fragmentation.png100Synthesis.png100Metal Conversion.png100Barrier Spikes.png100Flame Burst.png100Sand Burst.png100Water Cannon.png100Wind Blast.png100Frozen Blast.png100Life Drain.png100Summon Golem.png100Rain Casting.png100Shock.png100Heat Buster.png100Chain Cylinder.png100Water Alchemy.png100Fire Alchemy.png100Earth Alchemy Mastery.png100Wind Alchemy.png100Transmutation.png100Guard Cylinder Mastery.png100Elemental Wave.png100Golden Time.png100Hydra Transmutation.png100
Magic Magic Mastery.png100Enchant.png100Icebolt.png100Firebolt.png100Lightning Bolt.png100Ice Spear.png100Fireball.png100Thunder.png100Blaze.png100Hail Storm.png100Healing.png100Party Healing.png100Natural Shield.png100Ice Shield.png100Fire Shield.png100Lightning Shield.png100Mana Shield.png100Meditation.png100Fusion Bolt.png100Bolt Mastery.png100Ice Mastery.png100Fire Mastery.png100Lightning Mastery.png100Magic Weapon Mastery.png100Meteor Strike.png100Snap Cast.png100Spellwalk.png100Inspiration.png100Lightning Rod.png100
Life Production Mastery.png100Rest.png100Campfire.png100Handicraft.png100Taming Wild Animals.png100Weaving.png100Tailoring.png100Sheep Shearing.png100First Aid.png100Potion Making.png100Herbalism.png100Fishing.png100Cooking.png100Wine Making.png100Milking.png100Egg Gathering.png100Mushroom Gathering.png100Harvesting.png100Hoeing.png100Metallurgy.png100Refining.png100Blacksmithing.png100Mining.png100Carpentry.png100Commerce Mastery.png100Transformation Mastery.png100Rare Mineralogy.png100Shyllien Ecology.png100Hillwen Engineering.png100Magic Craft.png100Tasting.png100Ingredient Hunting.png100Catering.png100Exploration Mastery.png100Artifact Investigation.png100
Fighter Knuckle Mastery.png100Charging Strike.png100Spinning Uppercut.png100Drop Kick.png100Focused Fist.png100Somersault Kick.png100Pummel.png100Combo Mastery.png100Respite.png100Tumble.png100
Music Playing Instrument.png100Compose.png100Musical Knowledge.png100Enthralling Performance.png100Dischord.png100Lullaby.png100Enduring Melody.png100Battlefield Overture.png100Harvest Song.png100Vivace.png100March Song.png100Song.png100Encore.png100Fantastic Chorus.png100Dance of Death.png100
Puppetry Control Marionette.png100Puppet's Snare.png100Wire Pull.png100Colossus Marionette.png100Pierrot Marionette.png100Act 1- Inciting Incident.png100Act 2- Threshold Cutter.png100Act 4- Rising Action.png100Act 6- Crisis.png100Act 7- Climactic Crash.png100Act 9- Invigorating Encore.png100
Dual Gun Dual Gun Mastery.png100Reload.png100Flash Launcher.png100Grapple Shot.png100Bullet Slide.png100Bullet Storm.png100Gun Ballet.png100Way of the Gun.png100
Ninja Shuriken Mastery.png100Shuriken Charge.png100Shadow Cloak.png100Explosive Kunai.png100Kunai Storm.png100Smokescreen.png100Shadow Bind.png100Sakura Abyss.png100
Chain Chain Blade Mastery.png100Dorcha Snatch.png100Dorcha Mastery.png100Dorcha Conversion.png100Chain Impale.png100Chain Crush.png100Anchor Rush.png100Chain Sweep.png100Death Mark.png100Spinning Slasher.png100Chain Burst.png100Raging Spike.png100Unknown.png100
Hidden Talent Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100
Crusader Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100
Divinity Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100Unknown.png100

Crusader Skills

(Edit Crusader Skills)

◆Crusader Skills◆
Unknown.png100 Warding Unknown.png100 Binding Unknown.png100 Smiting Unknown.png100 Linking
Giving Heart.png100 Giving Heart100
Healing Hands.png100 Healing Hands100
Magic Dampening.png100 Magic Dampening100
Guarded Footsteps.png100 Guarded Footsteps100
Recovering Touch.png100 Recovering Touch100
Deepening Trust.png100 Deepening Trust100
Spreading Faith.png100 Spreading Faith100
Wounding Soul.png100 Wounding Soul100
Weighed Conscience.png100 Weighed Conscience100
Sinful Thorns.png100 Sinful Thorns100
Stronger Power.png100 Stronger Power100
Binding Needle.png100 Binding Needle100
Breaking Lies.png100 Breaking Lies100
Christening Blades.png100 Christening Blades100
Holy Vitality.png100 Holy Vitality100
Enlightened Vision.png100 Enlightened Vision100
Divine Liberty.png100 Divine Liberty100
Guardian Oath.png100 Guardian Oath100
Soul Restoration.png100 Soul Restoration100
Sacred Revival.png100 Sacred Revival100
Crusader Level 34


(Edit Talents)

Grandmaster Talent Titles Hidden
Grandmaster Music Icon.png100

Grandmaster Ninja Icon.png100Grandmaster Close Combat Icon.png100 Grandmaster Magic Icon.png100 Grandmaster Archery Icon.png100
Grandmaster Lance Combat Icon.png100 Grandmaster Chain Slasher Icon.png100 Grandmaster Smithing Icon.png100 Grandmaster Adventure Icon.png100

Gold Battle Alchemy Icon.png100

Gold Transmutation Icon.png100 Gold Martial Arts Icon.png100 Gold Tailoring Icon.png100 Gold Carpentry Icon.png100 Gold Holy Arts Icon.png100
Gold Medicine Icon.png100 Gold Mercantile Icon.png100 Gold Cooking Icon.png100 Gold Puppetry Icon.png100 Gold Dual Gun Icon.png100

Druid Icon.png100

Soul Star Icon.png100 Vates Icon.png100
Culinary Artist Icon.png100 Treasure Hunter Icon.png100

Collection Journal

  • Unknown.png100 Hunting Diary: [Hunt 275/275] (Completed)
  • Unknown.png100 Transformation Diary: [Collection 320/320] [NPC 142/338]
  • Unknown.png100 Fishing Journal: [Fish 28/30]
  • Unknown.png100 Cooking Journal: [Food 217/264] [Stars 793/905]
  • Unknown.png100 Taming Journal: [Tame 71/105]
    (Edit Journal)


  • Unknown.png100 Work on Spirit Weapon.
  • Hillwen Engineering.png100 Master Hillwen Engineering.
  • Magic Craft.png100 Master Magic Craft.
  • Control Marionette.png100 Got Rank 1 on all Puppetry Skills.
  • Hillwen Engineering.png100 Got Rank 1 in Hillwen Engineering.
  • Magic Craft.png100 Got Rank 1 in Magic Craft.
  • Encore.png100 Got Rank 1 in all Starlet skills.
  • Tasting.png100 Got Rank 1 in all Culinary Artist skills.
  • Human Ranged Attack.png100 Got Rank 1 in all Archery Skills.
  • Crisis Escape.png100 Reached Rank 1 and Master in Crisis Escape.
  • Synthesis.png100 Reached Rank 1 in Synthesis.
  • Exploration Mastery.png100 Reached Rank 1 in all Treasure Hunter skills.

  • (Edit Goals)


    Towns Merchant Rating
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 MAX
    Commerce Tir Chonaill Icon.png
    Tir Chonaill
    Commerce Dunbarton Icon.png
    Commerce Bangor Icon.png
    Commerce Emain Macha Icon.png
    Emain Macha
    Commerce Taillteann Icon.png
    Commerce Tara Icon.png
    Commerce Port Cobh Icon.png
    Port Cobh
    Commerce Commonwealth of Belvast Icon.png

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