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Possible error: White herb in Solea?106:34, 12 October 2013
You will be able to open this door when you understand the combat principles of attacking and restraining.219:05, 25 August 2012
Breakable White Doors223:14, 21 January 2012
Some work being done on this now!022:28, 21 January 2012

Possible error: White herb in Solea?

The list of herbs in the "Collectibles Uncovered by L-Rod" section includes White Herb. The White Herb page doesn't not mention them being available in Solea. I've done a lot of herb collecting in Solea to train Herbalism and have never encountered a white herb. The only places I haven't looked are the two rooms contain the tougher monsters, like Saturos. (I die too fast to find any herbs there.) So, either there's no white herbs in Solea and we should remove it, or they're only in the rooms with the Saturos, which would be worth mentioning if it's true. Can anyone with a stronger character advise if there are any white herbs in the Saturos rooms?

Librarian (talk)02:05, 12 October 2013

It's wrong. Someone might have gotten confused with antidote herbs.

Fifty (talk)06:34, 12 October 2013

You will be able to open this door when you understand the combat principles of attacking and restraining.

I broke this door earlier but I'm not sure why. I'm a mage, I don't really have much combat stuff. Title was Master of Ice so that probably wasn't it. I was either bare-handed or had my cold wind l-rod equipped. Was also riding a snow tiger.

Side note, it said "attacking and defending" when the door broke, might have to do something with defense too? I'll post my combat ranks after maint.

Yeah it's crap but: Defense rE, Smash rF, Counter Attack rF, Charge rF, Windmill r6, Combat Mastery r7, Critical Hit r3, Assault Slash rF, Sword Mastery rE, Axe Mastery rF, Blunt Mastery rE, Evasion rF

Kadalyn (talk)23:49, 22 August 2012

I love riddles, hate these door requirements...

Do you have any fighter skills? I know they came out way later, but it might be something there, too...

Or a combination of certain skills (like the weapon masteries?)

Maybe Windmill Rank 9~6?... It attacks and defends, sort of.

--Aramet (Talk)19:46, 23 August 2012

Nope, no fighter skills.

Kadalyn (talk)19:05, 25 August 2012

Breakable White Doors

I have photo proof of this. You can go through White Doors (probably a rare occurrence)by just hitting it. You might have to be wearing some sort of knuckles (so giants only) or barehanded. I doubt I'll see this again anytime soon, so If I could get someone else to confirm this, I would appreciate it.

Magiobiwan22:45, 21 January 2012

In G16, knuckles no longer have racial restrictions. This was probably just a glitch.

Pyro - (Talk)22:47, 21 January 2012

Okay. Slightly off topic. I think that there is only one door in the Rano-Solea section breakable like that. The breakable door might look slightly cracked. But when I CC'ed and came back, it wasn't breakable. It gave me a requirement.

Magiobiwan23:14, 21 January 2012

Some work being done on this now!

Okay, given how in one trip through Solea, I managed to find 3 new requirements, I'm going to be taking the refreshing of this page on as a project so I can get some edits made. I may request some of you editors help test requirements, as I don't have all the skill ranks necessary for testing all of the possible reuirements.

Magiobiwan22:28, 21 January 2012