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Template:DataMonsterDesert Dragon

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Desert Dragon |Page=Dragon |Ext=png

|FieldBoss=yes |FieldLocations=*Rano (Sheep Landmark) |DungeonLocations=*None

|HP=1,000,000 |CP=30000 |Defense= |Protection=60 |Speed=Very Fast |Element=none

|MeleeHits=1 |MeleeDamage=4,000+ |MagicHits=1 |MagicDamage=5,000-8,000

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |AggroRange=Very Far |AggroSpeed=Fast

|EXP=10,000 (+1,000) EXP
50,000 Exploration |Gold=0 |DropEquip=*None |DropMisc=*None |DropsOverflow=y

|SkillStomp=y |SkillTailAttack=y |SkillDragonFireball=y |SkillStampede=y |SkillFlight=y |SkillAdvancedHeavyStander=y |SkillHeavyStander=2 |SkillManaDeflector =2 |SkillNaturalShield=2 |SkillPetrification=y

|Notes=*For more general information on Desert Dragon, see Desert Dragon Raid.

  • As a raid boss, all Pets and Partners are forcibly desummoned upon entering the Raid Zone.
  • Will spawn between
    10:30am PST
    11:00am PST
    5:00pm PST
    5:30pm PST
    every day.
  • Successfully sketching it nets you 1,200 Exploration EXP (+250 if it is nighttime).
  • May only move via Stampede, and as such cannot intelligently chase players.
    • An exception is that if pulled too far from its spawn location, it will take flight and return to it very quickly. This can cause the dragon to get stuck on objects that may be in its return path, rendering it unkillable.
  • When it opens its mouth it will use Stone Breath, which petrifies you for 10 seconds. This attack is only used if its aggro target is within its range.
  • Uses Dragon Fireball when it flies into the air; the attack range is large enough to be nearly impossible to outrun, especially if you are the target.
  • If the Desert Dragon is a summoned version (a Monster Summoning Urn is used, for example), it will lift off into the air at low health (25% and below) and attempt to fly away with the message Looks like it's preparing to run away. At this time, the dragon is unattackable and Music of Peace must be played successfully to prevent its escape.
    • The dragon may attempt to escape more than once, and the music must be played each time.

|Advice=*Dragon Fireball has such a large range that, rather than try to outrun it, it's best either to let it hit you and recover the damage afterward, or avoid the damage with temporary invincibility (Transformation skills, Demigod, Personas, etc.)

  • Standing in the proper position between the dragon's legs will keep you safe from both Stone Breath and its tail attack.