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Template:DataMonsterRed Skeleton

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Template Usage guidelines


{{{{{format}}} |Name=Red Skeleton |Page=Skeleton |Ext=png

|FieldLocations=*None |DungeonLocations=*Rabbie Normal

|HP=310 |CP=1274 |Defense=2 |Protection=1 |Speed=Normal |Element=fire

|MeleeHits=2 |MeleeDamage=40-70 |RangedHits=1 |RangedDamage=? |MagicHits= |MagicDamage= |ExplosiveHits= |ExplosiveDamage=

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=n |AggroRange=Medium |AggroSpeed=Normal

|EXP=200 |Gold=101-187 |DropEquip=*Bracelet

|DropMisc=*Red Skeleton Fomor Scroll

|SkillSmash=y |SkillCounter=y |SkillHumanRanged=y |SkillDefense=y

|Notes=*Will use a bow occasionally while you are standing still with a loaded skill, but it won't move during the charging of Ranged Attack, or even after it is loaded. However, it may move if it cannot shoot you due to an obstacle (ex. campfire)

  • Does over 200 damage on Smash.
  • Will sometimes walk towards you with Defense loaded

|Advice=*Because it is fire element, use Icebolt to deal more damage. }}