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Template:DataMonsterShadow Archer (Weak)

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Shadow Archer (Weak) |Page=Shadow Archer |Image=Shadow Archer |Ext=jpg

|Mission=*Defeat Fomor Commander I

|MeleeHits=1 |Speed=Fast |AggroSpeed=Fast |AggroRange=Medium |Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |Element=None

|SkillDefense=y |SkillHumanRanged=y |SkillMagnumShot=y

|AllDropMisc= |AllDropEquip=

|BasicHP=180 |BasicMeleeDamage=10-20 |BasicRangedDamage= |BasicDefense=3 |BasicProtection=5 |BasicEXP=210 (+15) |BasicGold=74-107 |BasicCrit= |BasicCP= |BasicDropMisc=*Fine Leather

|BasicDropEquip=*Composite Bow

|IntermediateHP=360 |IntermediateMeleeDamage=19-26 |IntermediateRangedDamage= |IntermediateDefense=13 |IntermediateProtection=10 |IntermediateEXP=420 (+30) |IntermediateGold=196 |IntermediateCrit= |IntermediateCP= |IntermediateDropMisc=*Fine Leather |IntermediateDropEquip=*Kite Shield

|AdvancedHP=720 |AdvancedMeleeDamage= |AdvancedRangedDamage= |AdvancedDefense=33 |AdvancedProtection=19 |AdvancedEXP=735 (+52.5) |AdvancedGold=386 |AdvancedCrit= |AdvancedCP= |AdvancedDropMisc=*Fine Leather |AdvancedDropEquip=*Heater Shield

|HardHP=1,656 |HardMeleeDamage= |HardRangedDamage= |HardDefense=43 |HardProtection=24 |HardEXP=1470 (+105) |HardGold= |HardCrit= |HardCP= 3600 |HardDropMisc=*Finest Leather |HardDropEquip=*Leather Long Bow

|EliteHP=2880 |EliteMeleeDamage= |EliteRangedDamage= |EliteDefense=63 |EliteProtection=30 |EliteEXP= |EliteGold= |EliteCrit= |EliteCP= |EliteDropMisc= |EliteDropEquip=

|Notes= Aims faster than their weaker versions |Advice= They work in tandem with Shadow Lancers as well as themselves

  • Often aggro's faster than lancers
  • Will use Magnum shot frequently
  • Being weaker, and dealing more damage, they should be your primary target.
    • The exception being if you are aggroed by a Lancer. Though the archer will deal heavier damage, lancers will often stun you, or knock you away from the archer.
    • Therefore, you should focus on killing these enemies immediately, before they aggro.
  • Charge is recommended when they run away.
  • In situations where you cannot damage them, you should stay as far away as possible, to prevent as much damage.
  • Having a high Windmill rank helps to eliminate them when they are close during combat versus lancers and other archers.
  • Pet's help to interrupt their attacks, but be cautious, as another lancer or archer will immediately aggro them shortly.