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Taillteann Defensive Battle

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A display on the right of the screen displays the current wave of each gate.
  • Defend Taillteann by defeating 9 waves of enemies at each of Tailteann's three gates. Two allied NPCs will assist in guarding each gate.
    • Enemies will spawn every 60 seconds, or when all enemies at a gate are defeated.
      • After all 9 waves of a single gate has been cleared, no more enemies will appear at that gate.
  • The party will be split between the East, West, and South gates, with two players to each gate with a full party.
    • If there are currently no enemies at a specific gate, portals will temporarily spawn nearby that will teleport players to the other gates when walked over.
      • These portals will despawn when used while enemies are present at the gate, but can be reactivated by defeating the enemies again.
A successful gate defense blocks further attacks.
  • A gate can "fall" if certain conditions are met. When this happens, all remaining monsters and NPCs are despawned and a new wave will instantly spawn further into town.
    • If either of these conditions are met, a fall will occur:
      • If the two allied NPCs are killed.
      • If three waves of enemies are present at a single gate.
    • If any one gate falls three times, the entire mission is failed.
  • Upon successfully defeating all waves, the reward chest will spawn in the town center.


A portal that will quickly transport a player to another gate. Two will spawn, one to move clockwise, and the other to move counter-clockwise.
  • At low difficulties, use fast ranged attacks to clear waves quickly. Chain Blade's and Dual Guns' normal attacks, Water Cannon or Chain Casted basic magic are usually sufficient.
  • At higher difficulties, powerful AOE skills such as Act 7: Climactic Crash, Windmill, Fireball, Shock and Stampede can clear waves easily.
  • When running Solo, focus on defeating enemies at each gate quickly and moving on to the next.
    • Make use of the portals that spawn to efficiently clear waves and reduce the chance of another gate falling.
  • Allied NPCs can be healed. However, unless the mission is at risk of failure it is more advisable to focus on clearing waves.
    • NPCs and Monsters will not aggro eachother if no one is within a certain range of them.
    • If a gate falls, the NPCs will recover their health. Each gate can be allowed to fall twice, keep this in mind.
    • Using Ice Mines WILL hurt the NPCs. Avoid using them in this mission.
    • Using Dragon Support will NOT hurt the NPCs, so it is safe to use in this mission.
  • Occasionally, two waves of enemies will appear to spawn at the same time. Both waves contribute to completing the mission, however keep in mind that a third spawn will cause the gate to fall.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Taillteann
  • Party Size: 1~6
  • Time Limit: None
  • Mission Details: The monsters have begun their attack of Shadow Taillteann in the Shadow Realm. We cannot allow the allied forces to shed blood in vain. We must occupy Shadow Taillteann.
  • Info: There are battles going on near the south gate, the west gate, and the east gate. Stall for time until the support unit arrives.
  • Requirements: See Shadow Missions for more information.


Click to enlarge. The gates that must be defended are marked.

Defend Taillteann Shadow Mission Map.png


Monster Spawn Patterns



  • As of the Dungeon Re:Fine Update, Taillteann Defensive Battle underwent some heavy changes:
    • EXP and Gold rewards were reduced.
    • Party size for entry has been adjusted from 3-6 to 1-6.
    • Portals have been implemented to make travelling between gates much faster.
    • Enemies spawn much more quickly.
    • As a result, the shadow mission is significantly faster to clear.