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Template:DataMonsterStone Golem

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Stone Golem |Page=Golem

|Mission=*The Other Alchemists

|MeleeHits=1 |Speed=Very Fast |AggroSpeed=Fast |AggroRange=Medium |Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |Element=None

|SkillSmash=y |SkillDefense=y |SkillWindmill=y |SkillStomp=y |SkillRest=y |SkillHeavyStander=1

|AllDropMisc= |AllDropEquip=

|BasicHP=180 |BasicMeleeDamage=5-30 |BasicRangedDamage= |BasicDefense= |BasicProtection=5 |BasicEXP= |BasicGold= |BasicCrit= |BasicCP=1600 |BasicDropMisc=*HP 30 Potion

|BasicDropEquip=*Long Javelin

|IntermediateHP=360 |IntermediateMeleeDamage= |IntermediateRangedDamage= |IntermediateDefense= |IntermediateProtection=10 |IntermediateEXP= |IntermediateGold= |IntermediateCrit= |IntermediateCP=3200 |IntermediateDropMisc=*HP 30 Potion

|IntermediateDropEquip=*Long Javelin

|AdvancedHP=720 |AdvancedMeleeDamage= |AdvancedRangedDamage= |AdvancedDefense= |AdvancedProtection=19 |AdvancedEXP= |AdvancedGold= |AdvancedCrit= |AdvancedCP=4800 |AdvancedDropMisc=*Small Silver Gem


|HardHP=1440 |HardMeleeDamage= |HardRangedDamage= |HardDefense= |HardProtection=24 |HardEXP=950 (+105) |HardGold= |HardCrit= |HardCP=6400 |HardDropMisc=*Small Silver Gem


|EliteHP=2880 |EliteMeleeDamage= |EliteRangedDamage= |EliteDefense= |EliteProtection=30 |EliteEXP= |EliteGold= |EliteCrit= |EliteCP=8000 |EliteDropMisc= |EliteDropEquip=

|Notes=*Unlike a normal golem, these are smaller and possess Heavy Stander but lack Mana Deflector and Natural Shield (Monster) |Advice= }}