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Small Silver Gem

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Inventory icon of Small Silver Gem

1 × 1
Stack: 100

A small, cheap silver gem. Though it's not made of silver, they seem to be worth a fair bit.

Methods to Obtain

Monster Drops

Hot Spring Monkey

  • Reward for giving a Glutton Monkey a 3 - 5 star (3Star.JPG - 5star.jpg) liked food or a 1 - 2 star (1Star.JPG - 2star.jpg) loved food.


Used In



  • Required as a sacrifice for all item types. Upgrades a Rank A - Lv5 item to Rank A - Lv6 when successful.
    • Also upgrades from Rank A - Lv20 to Rank A - Lv21 when successful.


Name Item Rank Skill Rank Production
Materials Needed
Magic Powder (Silver Gem)
C D 100 Small Silver Gem × 1
Base Herb × 1
  • This gem has the highest success rate for making Magic Powder.


Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Glittering Paper x10 Paper x10 Small Red Gem x1 Small Green Gem x1 Small Blue Gem x1 Small Silver Gem x1 Novice