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Template:DataMonsterStrange Book

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Strange Book |Page=Strange Book

|Mission=*Ghost of Partholon

|MeleeHits= |Speed=Very Fast |AggroSpeed=Fast |AggroRange=Small |Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |Element=

|SkillIcebolt=y |SkillFirebolt=y |SkillPaperAirplaneBomb=y



|BasicHP=250 |BasicMeleeDamage= |BasicRangedDamage= |BasicDefense= |BasicProtection= |BasicEXP=100 |BasicGold=107 |BasicCrit= |BasicCP=631 |BasicDropMisc=


|IntermediateHP=500 |IntermediateMeleeDamage=5-30 |IntermediateRangedDamage= |IntermediateDefense= |IntermediateProtection= |IntermediateEXP=200 |IntermediateGold=1-500 |IntermediateCrit= |IntermediateCP=1262 |IntermediateDropMisc=*Thunder page 1


|AdvancedHP=960 |AdvancedMeleeDamage= |AdvancedRangedDamage= |AdvancedDefense= |AdvancedProtection= |AdvancedEXP=350 |AdvancedGold= |AdvancedCrit= |AdvancedCP=1893 |AdvancedDropMisc=*Ice Spear page 1


|HardHP=1920 |HardMeleeDamage=100-150 |HardRangedDamage= |HardDefense= |HardProtection= |HardEXP=700 |HardGold= |HardCrit= |HardCP=2524 |HardDropMisc=


|EliteHP=3840 |EliteMeleeDamage= |EliteRangedDamage= |EliteDefense= |EliteProtection= |EliteEXP=1400 |EliteGold= |EliteCrit= |EliteCP=3786 |EliteDropMisc= |EliteDropEquip=

|Notes=*Several of these spawn with Strange Book items. Players can tell the difference by watching for the books that fall without the black smoke effect that is associated with monsters spawning or despawning. |Advice=*Similar to Mimics, they will not normally aggro the player without being provoked. They can be opened by clicking on them, summoning a pet with an aggressive AI to attack them, or using Lullaby, Windmill, Blaze, or Focused Fist. }}