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Non-KR/NA Updates

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Patches
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List of Known Bugs "Royal Diamond Leather Light Armor is not appearing in the commerce shop."

Nexon said it was supposed to be implemented, but it's not. Sounds like they didn't forget about it, or "skip" it, or "exclude" it. It simply didn't update correctly. The same argument could be said about the Auction House revamp not updating as well.

But, if you want to play the other side of the coin here, in Korea, Argel actually has a shop and sells items and whatnot. For whatever reason, NA didn't implement it. Now, let's flip the roles. Would a Korean Wiki consider Same-Sex Marriage "skipped content" because they didn't get it? What about Nekojima that Japan has?

The point is, the list is pointless when you have this.

(Yeah, I can't do links well on Wiki's)

Imbored (talk)13:39, 7 May 2014