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Portrait of Argel
Race Giant
Gender Male
Occupation Weapons Dealer
Location South Mykeeness Cliffs in the
Commonwealth of Belvast
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 98%


His hair is tangled and matted from a life in the wilderness, and his bangs hide his face. His clothes are threadbare and have holes in several places, and a faint odor hangs in the air. However, he is never without a smile and a kind word.

Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

  • By giving desired items, a player can increase their intimacy with Argel, however, giving an undesired item may decrease it.
  • If a desired item is sold by more than one NPC then the name of the closest to Argel is in bold.
Desired Gift Price Sold by
Heart Cake 150g Caitin, Glenis, Jennifer
Slice of Cake 100g Caitin, Glenis, Jennifer



  • Despite having a shop option, all tabs of his shop are empty.
  • When spoken with the School Keyword, Argel mentions to have always wanted to create a dojo in Vales.
  • The Physis Wooden Lance's description is possibly a reference to Argel, who trains by constantly hitting a tree.