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Bare Hands and Field Monsters

Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Info
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Wow, I didn't want to believe it, so I tested it myself. I came up with the following results:

  • At the very least, this applies to all the monsters in Gairech Hills and just north of the Qilla Base Camp.
  • Regardless of what weapons were used during the fight, if "bare hands" were used as the finishing blow, no drops occurred.
    • This includes anything that could possibly drop, such as gold and items.
  • Conversely, as long as the finishing blow was not "bare hands", drops could occur.
  • No drops occurred with "bare hands", even if skills such as Smash, Windmill, Final Hit, or Icebolt were used.

This would explain why I rarely get drops from ancient foxes and such. I don't even bother using a weapon most of the time.

I'd still like the clarify which monsters this applies to, though. For instance, this applies even to the bears, but I know it doesn't apply to bandits during commerce. Perhaps it doesn't apply to anything that "spawns" the same way as a dungeon?

Doomsday31415 (talk)14:44, 16 March 2013