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Tupai Taming Bait

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Inventory icon of Taming Bait

1 × 1
Stack: 100

This Taming Bait is made with Tupai's unique recipe that only uses clean, natural materials available in the Herba Jungle. This handmade bait is only available in small batches, meaning it has a premium price. It is high in demand among enthusiastic animal tamers because of its high success chance.

Used by the Taming Wild Animals skill and is the most effective of the buyable taming baits.

  • The Tupai Taming Bait can only be equipped on the left hand when a taming cane is already equipped on the right. The player's left hand appears empty if equipped with a Tupai Taming Bait and only the taming cane is visible in the player's right hand.
  • Resell Value is 45g per single unit.
  • Provides 3 Taming Bonus

For information and individual articles on taming baits see Category:Taming Baits.


Requires a taming cane to be equipped.

Methods to Obtain


Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Tupai Taming Bait x5 Courcle Taming Bait x5, Gold Mushroom x1, Large Meat x1 Novice