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Unstable Phoenix Wings

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The idle pose taken by players when specific items are equipped.

Equipped Unstable Phoenix Wings viewed from the front Equipped Unstable Phoenix Wings viewed from the side Equipped Unstable Phoenix Wings viewed from the back Equipped Unstable Phoenix Wings viewed from an angle
Front Side Back Angled

A pair of phantasmal wings made from the flames of a phoenix. While the flames burn with an intense power, their instability means they are destined to fade before long. When you can't use them anymore, take them to Lassar in Tir Chonaill--she may be able to help you stabilize their energy. Equip these wings to receive a special effect.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Unstable Phoenix Wings
2 × 2
Base Stats Limitations
Defense 0 Durability 10 Human M Human F Tailor
94% = 31 G
95% = 37 G
96% = 44 G
97% = 50 G
98% = 63 G
99% = 75 G
100% = 126 G
Protection 0 Upgrade 0 Elf M Elf F
Magic Defense 0
NPC Value?
2,000 G
Giant M Giant F
Magic Protection 0 Worn On Robe Enchant Reforge
Enchant Types?100 / Clothes / Wings / 
Other Information
  • Cannot be dyed.
  • Enables the Spread Wings action.
  • +10 Attack Delay Reduction
  • +10 Magic Attack Increase
  • +10 Max Damage Increase
  • +10 Movement Speed Increase
  • Can be destroyed.
  • The colors associated with this item are:
    • Color 1: #808080 (R:128 G:128 B:128)
  • Cannot be sold to NPCs.
  • Cannot be sold in a personal shop.
  • Cannot be mailed or traded.
  • Cannot be stored on a pet.
  • Cannot be picked up by other players.
  • Cannot be stored in the bank.
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • None

Dye Details

  • Cannot be dyed.


  • While equipped, grants the following through Set Effects:
    • +2% Movement Speed
    • −20% Attack Delay
    • +10 Maximum Damage
    • +20 Magic Attack
  • This item expires after 182 days, 12 hours, 0 minutes.


(Lassar seems surprised to see the wings, but soon seems to take an interest in them.)

This pair of wings possesses an extraordinary energy! There's something warm about them; perhaps a bit comforting, even. Still, their mystical nature is plain to see. They're not something one happens upon every day. The problem is, their energy seems almost... erratic. Even though you can use them in this state, they probably won't hold out for long. Their output is too unstable.
That said, I can help you refine and stabilize that energy, if you like. However, in doing that, the wings would lose their special effects. I suppose even mystical items come with trade-offs. So, how about it? Would you like me to lend you a hand?

> Prompt: Sure!

Excellent. Now, to get started, show me the wings we'll be performing the process on. Once we perform the procedure, there's no going back, so be sure you'd like to move forward with it before we begin. (Once the wings have been exchanged, they will no longer expire, but their set effects will be removed.)

(After choosing the wings to exchange)

Perfect! That worked out exactly like I thought it would. Now, you should be able to keep those wings without having to worry about them expiring. Of course, just let me know if you need help with anything else!

(Received Eternal Phoenix Wings.)