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Self Notes

Objectives for Mabinogi World Wiki

These are ideas for anyone (including myself) who wishes to contribute more.

  • Wiki Format and Stylize. Wikipedia is a good format and style example to follow (for minor edits) because it has already been decided by consensus. This includes the format, language, spelling, and grammar styles. Another words, make pages look more professional and encyclopedic.
  • Import data from .PACK files.
  • Take pictures of various item and places and upload it to the wiki.
  • Make skill icons for non-existant or question mark skills so that they can be used in Template:StyleMonster as a GUI link to the skill (see below).
  • Update the Patches page client versions, and dates by looking at the game update main page (or by hovering over the patch download buttons) for each version of mabinogi. Links: NA, CN, TW, JP, KR, EU.
  • Embed good youtube videos for every skill page.

How to Download Manual Patches Ahead of Time

  1. Type into your browser, where XX is the revision number.


How to Link Flash Media Files on to Mabinogi World Wiki

  1. Convert the file into to SWF or FLV.
  2. Upload the file on a good web hosting site (NOT file hosting).
  3. Go to the download page and copy the download URL (Right Click>Copy Link), which should always end in .SWF (or .FLV), otherwise it will not work.
  4. Type or copy this onto anywhere in the wiki to add a file: <oflash file=" " thumb="true" width="225" height="179"/>
  5. Paste the URL inside quotation marks of file=" ".

How to Start Mabinogi Faster

  1. You must be in administrator mode.
  2. Find the shortcut for Mabinogi.
  3. Right click and click "Properties"
  4. In "Target" Box highlight all the words in there.
  5. Type/CopyPaste: C:\Nexon\Mabinogi\Client.exe code:1622 ver:48 logip: logport:11000 chatip: chatport:8002 setting:"file://data/features.xml=Regular, USA"
  6. Press "Ok"
  • Note: Currently you do not need to update the {Ver:#} for this to work.
  • The only thing this does is allow you to go on Mabinogi faster after a maintenance (bypasses maintenance and patch checking). It does not change the fact that you still must download a patch after an update (if you don't you will not be able to play). It has the exact same effect as leaving the client on for faster re-login after the server shuts down. Especially useful on Windows Vista where the "Game Start" loads awfully slow.

How to Get 100% Quality Perfect Pictures in Accordance with Wiki Policy

  1. Make Mabinogi go into Window mode
  2. Open another small application, (Ex. Notepad) and resize the window to the smallest area possible.
  3. Make sure the part of the client that you want to make a screenshot of shows.
  4. Click on the title bar of the other application.
  5. Press Print Screen (Prt Scrn).
  6. File>Paste (Ctrl+V) into a photo editor (paint works too).
  7. Crop your image to desired size.
  8. Save as .PNG to maintain 100% quality (uncompressed).
  9. Rename to .png (not capitalized) when you upload the file to Mabinogi World Wiki.

How to Get Accurate Information for the Wiki

Using mabiunpack, extract the .pack files in the package folder of mabinogi. There is a lot of information in the .Xml files, such as monster's skills, hidden skills, descriptions, real names, and even Game Master (GM) skills. You may also want to verify the wiki information with the files in the package. However, half the descriptions are still untranslated or mistranslated.

  • Note: You may want to extract all the files to some place and make your system index it so you can search it very fast.

Important Files to Look at

  • Itemdb.xml - regulates the function of each in-game item, client-side
  • Skillinfo.xml - the attributes of each skill, server-side/client-side
  • Skill_leveldetail.xml - the description of each rank of any skill, server-side
  • Race.xml - the attributes of each monster, server-side
  • Optionset.xml - the attributes of enchants, server-side

Additionally, for Nexon American names, descriptions and text see:

  • Itemdb.english.txt
  • Skillinfo.english.txt
  • Skill_leveldetail.english.txt
  • Race.english.txt
  • Optionset.english.txt


  • Arrow Revolver has a different stamina consumption than the Skillinfo.xml descriptions after G7.
  • Mind of Chaos does not show bonus critical correctly.
  • Shock does not show the damage correctly.
  • (Feel free to add more)

Regarding Uncompressed Skill Icons

The uncompressed versions of the icons (you see on wiki) comes from Beta-G3S4 clients. After they used a different rendering format (after G7), some icons have compression artifacts even in the .dds file directly from the client. The only way is to use photo editing software to eliminate it.

Making Skill Icons

These background colors are directly taken from other skill icons. Some skill icons are compressed due to the .dds file. Use these to make uncompressed versions or non-existant skill icons:


Q: How do I obtain a lagless connection even with a high ping?
A: Set your MTU to 386 [or lower if you have very fast internet] (This helps the most! In Mabinogi it makes a 100ms connection act like 50ms, but it will lower your download speed). Disable nagle (see hidden questions). Open port 11020 on your router. Use google for help on how to do any of the above.

Special Pages

These pages might be helpful to see what part of wiki needs more work.