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Killing my random useless out of date information, replacing with useful stuff.



Geroshabu, Jerl, Haganeko, notjerl, Onric, Igorko, Shoukochan. All on Ruiari server.

Weapon Advice

  • The following is...effectively an essay on how to choose your weapon and upgrade path, that I posted on the Nexon forum in response to a question about what the best NPC-purchaseable sword is.

As has been stated, which sword is best depends on your fighting style, and how you end up using them.

Two-handed weapons will get more smash and crit damage than single-handed ones, even dual-wielded, but single-handed ones can be used with a shield. I'd recommend having one of each.

Then comes the actual sword you'd choose. Which one you want may be different depending on its purpose and your critical hit rank. If your critical hit is rank F, you'll get more help out of a gladius that has been taken on the highest minimum damage upgrade path than anything else. However, if you have a high-ranked critical hit, daggers and short swords with 3 hits and high critical hit rates would be better. If you have a high dexterity, the broadsword can be made to do anything you want it to; it can be upgraded to have high crit or absurdly high max damage, only surpassed by the Battle Sword, and only at G11..G12? I'm not sure, but it'll be when the Special Tempering upgrade will come out.

Personally I'd recommend against a Battle Sword if you're going to upgrade your swords, at least until Special Tempering is out. It'll just turn out inferior.

Now that I've ranted on that, I'll explain my weapons.

I have two 5/5 upgraded Gladiuses which I took the highest minimum damage upgrade path on. The damage is pretty absurd, 53~62 base (which results in hits of around 120~130 with my str). Great weapons for raw damage, but their 0% base crit coupled with the fact that I use the Golem Slayer with a Single Blow means crits are almost non-existant. Other than crits, though, this is a sword that can be used by anyone to do massive damage; my newly created giant did more damage with it than many 1k+ total level people would do with an un-upgraded one, at level 1.

I also have a 3/5 Gladius that I'm taking on the highest max damage path, which sacrifices minimum damage for a bit higher of a maximum damage. Earlier on it doesn't work as well as the highest min damage path, but when you've reached 5/5 it should be on average equal, some hits being bigger and some being smaller.

Other than the Gladiuses, I have two Battle Short Swords. I chose these because the highest min damage path gets a rather nice damage range, 41~21. Yes, 41 minimum damage and 21 maximum damage. This doesn't mean that you'll always get 41, since after boost from str it usually evens out to max being just slightly higher than min. They also have a critical rate or 27%, which is really good considering the damage range. That being said, someone with a high critical hit rate might benefit from the highest critical hit rate path, which ends up with

...gah, accidentally submitted it in the middle of my message.

The highest critical hit path on a Battle Short Sword sacrifices minimum damage (29 instead of 41) for a much higher critical hit rate (38%), comparable to a dagger (14~32 damage, 32% crit OR 2~19 damage, 53% crit, depending on your path).

Also notable is that daggers are much more useful on Iria's large field bosses than other weapons, since dragon finish is based on number of hits instead of damage done.

Some general advice for weapons:

Min damage is good. If you can sacrifice a small amount of max damage for min damage, do it. It pays off in the end, with less random damage amounts and less of a requirement for high balance. Though, if you have a large amount of dex, weapons like the highest max broadsword (the one with 0~73 damage, 21% balance, and 30% crit - an excellent weapon if you have the dex for it) can be exceptions.

Crit is also good, but it and damage don't always go together.

Notes to help decide:

Every 2.5 str adds 1 max damage, every 3 str adds 1 min damage. The more str you have, the bigger the difference between your max and min damage.

Every 4 dex adds +1% to melee damage. The exact formula is (Dex - 10) / 4.

In response to the post between the last one and this one:

You add crit and damage by upgrading your weapons. This is done by using them until the proficiency reaches a certain point (this depends on the upgrade; 4 proficiency for the first 3 on the Vales Great Sword compared to 60 for the last two upgrades on a gladius), and then talking to a certain NPC. In the same menu where you'd choose to start a conversation or open their shop, there'll be a button labeled "Upgrade Item" or "Modify Item", or something like that. Different NPCs can upgrade different things, and different NPCs can do different things to the same weapon. For example, you can only get Ranald's Gladius Enhancement from Ranald, not from Nicca, who is who you generally would go to for the rest of your gladius upgrades. Upgrades also cost money, which might be a hefty sum; the cost of Ranald's Gladius Enhancement, the first upgrade in the highest min damage sequence, is 34,500 gold, on top of requiring 90 proficiency.

Once you've upgraded your weapon, the amount of proficiency required is subtracted from the amount there (for example, if you got your gladius to 100 proficiency before getting the aforementioned upgrade, it'd drop to (100 - 90) = 10 proficiency.

Weapons can only be upgraded so many times, and certain upgrades can only be done on certain upgrade numbers. For example, Ranald's Gladius Enhancement can only be put on the Gladius for its first upgrade, and Nicca's Gladius Modification can only be put on for the last 2 upgrades in the sequence. On the wiki, upgrade numbers are listed as the amount that have been done, not the number that the upgrade you're doing will be; for example, Ranald's Gladius Enhancement will be labeled as upgradable for upgrade 0~0 and Nicca's Gladius Modification will be labeled as upgradable for upgrade 3~4.

Also, a note: Whether you choose to upgrade your weapons or not can impact your gameplay. Upgrades generally cost a lot of money and time to finish to 5/5, so if you don't have the money to upgrade your weapons, don't do it. On top of that, since many weapons lose considerable durability (gladius drops down to 8 after Ranald's Gladius Enhancement), and the fact that you paid so much money for it, you're probably going to want to repair at the 95% success rate blacksmiths. If you don't have enough money to get the upgrades without breaking your bank, and you don't make enough to repair them, all of your other stuff, get healing from healeres, and buy misc. goods, don't upgrade except perhaps as a backup weapon. Of course, the price all depends on the weapon; the cheaper the weapon is to buy, the cheaper it is to repair. I've noticed that repair cost at 95% success rate blacksmiths is something like 10% of the price it costs to buy the weapon. Daggers will still be really cheap to repair.

I hope this upgrade advice will be helpful.

testan gaems

[link] [edit]

StyleMonsterIcon.png Guard Skeleton Hellhound

Picture of Guard Skeleton Hellhound Field Location
Melee Hits 3 Melee Damage 40-80 Ranged Damage
Running Speed Detection Speed Detection Range Aggressive Aggression Element
Fast Slow (Without Robe)
Instant (With Robe)
Small Yes100 Multi Lightning
Skills Used
Hit Points Def. (Prot.) Experience Gold Critical Combat Power
~700 ? (30%) 0 0 Unknown 2240
Misc. Equipment

CP Gear stuff

I decided to find all the possible totals for removal of CP by CP gear. I also included one of the possible paths to reach the value. There are many paths to reach each value, to the point where attempting to list them would be..well, stupid, to be honest. Each individual of the 44 different totals, other than the highest, have at least two and usually many more different combinations to reach them. So, I figure it's easier if someone who wants to reach a certain value just finds out the combination they prefer themselves.

Individual item

1000 - Raccoon Cub 750 - Scrap/Broken Arrow 600 - Marble/Handicapping 500 - Scrap 500 - Marble 500 - Abysmal 250 - Broken Arrow OR Arc Lich 200 - Vicious Inconvenient 200 - Small Damaging 200 - Thin Uncomfortable 100 - Vicious OR inconvenient 100 - Small OR damaging 100 - Thin OR uncomfortable 100 - Difficult

Multiple items

2600 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin/Uncomfortable 2500 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin 2400 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Thin 2350 Raccoon Cub, Scrap/Broken Arrow, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin/Uncomfortable 2300 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal, Vicious, Small, Thin 2250 Raccoon Cub, Scrap/Broken Arrow, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Uncomfortable 2200 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal, Vicious, Small 2150 Raccoon Cub, Scrap/Broken Arrow, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Uncomfortable 2100 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal, Vicious 2050 Raccoon Cub, Scrap/Broken Arrow, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Uncomfortable 2000 Raccoon Cub, Scrap, Abysmal 1900 Raccoon Cub, Abysmal, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Uncomfortable 1850 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin/Uncomfortable 1800 Raccoon Cub, Abysmal, Vicious, Small, Uncomfortable 1750 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin 1700 Raccoon Cub, Abysmal, Vicious, Small 1650 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Thin 1600 Raccoon Cub, Abysmal, Vicious 1550 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich, Vicious, Small, Thin 1500 Raccoon Cub, Abysmal 1450 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich, Vicious, Small 1400 Raccoon Cub, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Thin 1350 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich, Vicious 1300 Raccoon Cub, Vicious, Small, Thin 1250 Raccoon Cub, Arc Lich 1200 Raccoon Cub, Vicious, Small 1100 Raccoon Cub, Vicious 1000 Raccoon Cub 900 Marble, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Thin 850 Arc Lich, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin/Uncomfortable 800 Marble, Vicious, Small, Thin 750 Arc Lich, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small/Damaging, Thin 700 Marble, Vicious, Small 650 Arc Lich, Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Thin 600 Marble, Vicious 550 Arc Lich, Vicious, Small, Thin 500 Marble 450 Arc Lich, Vicious, Small 400 Vicious/Inconvenient, Small, Thin 350 Arc Lich, Vicious 300 Vicious, Small, Thin 250 Arc Lich 200 Vicious, Small 100 Vicious

To clear up a misunderstanding about Leather Long Bow base range

This is copied from an explanation I made on the Leather Long Bow discussion page.

This seems to be a fairly common misunderstanding. I've seen (and been quoted) several sources stating that an LLB has 1800 base range and that an ELB has 2000, and that after range upgrades an LLB should only have 1900 while an ELB should have 2200.

Of course, this didn't seem very likely to me, as the base values of range here have been listed as 2000 for both bows for quite some time. So, I decided to to a few tests to put the issue to rest.

For these tests, I grabbed three bows, as followed:

1. Brand new Leather Long Bow from Meles, not even blessed. Of course, no upgrades.

2. Brand new Elven Long Bow from Meless, same as above.

3. Fully upgraded Leather Long Bow, with a +100 range upgrade.

For my first test, I tested the difference in distance that 100 range would make, by comparing the range distance between the unmodded LLB and the upgraded one. Monsters move around too much to be an accurate target, so I used the barrier spikes in Battle for Tailteann II. Mouse movement is currently less accurate than keyboard movement, as there seems to be a minimum movement distance, so I used keyboard movement. From a distance that was a longer range than the upgraded bow, I moved forward until it would aim, and noted the location. From there, I switched to the unmodded bow and moved forward until it could aim as well, and noted the distance between the two points. This is important, as it establishes that a distance of 200 is too large to be written off as inaccurate movement even with keyboard movement, and is important in the second test.

For the second test, I switched the upgraded LLB with the unmodded ELB. I walked back until I was outside of the ELB's range, and then once again slowly inched forward until the ELB would aim. I then switched to the unmodded LLB, and found that it, too, would aim, at the maximum distance that an ELB would aim at. As established above, the supposed differences of 200 distance would have easily made it impossible to aim the LLB at that distance.

Finally, I switched out the unmodded LLB with the modded one. Note that, according to the sources I mentioned before, an upgraded LLB should have 1900 range, while a non-upgraded Elven Long Bow should have 2000. Therefore, according to the sources mentioned, an un-upgraded ELB should still have 100 more range than an upgraded LLB. To show the most conclusive evidence, I compared the ranges of these two bows. Starting from a distance further away than either bow, I inched forward until the upgraded LLB would aim. When I switched to the plain ELB, without moving at all, it wouldn't aim. It was too far away.

Combining the results of these three tests, I can find three possible conclusions. Either both this wiki and the sources mentioned have the increased range values for upgrades flat out wrong, as the other sources list the post-upgrade range of an LLB as being 100 more than pre-upgrade, and the increased range of an upgraded LLB is more than 300, or the ELB and LLB actually have identical ranges. Of course, it's more reasonable to assume that one single value from one source is wrong than to assume that several values from two different sources is wrong, so it should be assume that the ELB and LLB have identical ranges.

An Elven Long Bow WILL get more range than a Leather Long Bow after upgrades. However, before the upgrades, there is no difference. Additionally, after upgrades, there is only a difference of 100 range between a Leather Long Bow and an Elven Long Bow. I will not attempt to discuss the relative merits of either bow in this explanation, however it really is important to establish the actual difference in range between the two bows. It's an important and objective fact that can heavily influence people's choices in weapons. I don't want to attempt to stop people from making decisions that may or may not be beneficial, but I'd at least like to make sure that they make them using accurate information. --ジェリ 04:28, 29 November 2011 (UTC)