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User:Rydian/Unreleased Updates

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This page lists updates and changes that do not yet exist in the NA version.

This is intended to serve as a reference for English-speakers, this is not an "upcoming updates" list.

Things are omitted if...

  • They're outdated (e.g. Mana Burn reductions since Mana Burn was removed entirely).
  • They're unlikely to come to NA due to regional differences (e.g. Korean net cafe promotions).
  • They would not be allowed out in NA due to IP/copyright (e.g. crossovers).
  • They're not actual in-game additions/improvements (e.g. KR's facebook-style online diary).

For items, I intend to list items that exist, but aren't available though any means in NA.

Items/features/updates may or may not need a bit of work before being usable, I use my best guess but may be wrong!

To Do

  • Get links to pictures or references for most of the content updates.


Changes and improvements that aren't specifically game features.

Check / Shop Limit Increases

Description: Increased gold limits on checks and personal shops/kiosks.

Contents: A new check item (up to 10m normally), and new personal shop licenses that use the higher limits.

gfPremiumPlusService & gfPremiumVIPService are involved in enabling the higher-limit items.

Also the Belvast Kiosk should be available in Belvast, as it has higher price limits.

Commerce / Ducat Shop

Description: Add more items (and rebalance the prices?) in the ducat shop.

Contents: Mysterious Reforging Tool (85620), Wisdom of Snakes (40463), Ancestral/Grandfather's Bow (40465/40029), etc.

Many items are also too expensive for having no use outside of fashion.

NPC Shops

Description: NPC shops in KR have a wider variety of items for sale in them.

Contents: More bags, weapons, and armors for sale from others. This video starting at 25:44 shows Nerys' shop.

Service Renewal

Description: An update to make paid service grant more features and/or better items.

Contents: Unlimited echostone slot duration, more auction slots, premium shadow missions and crystals, no withdrawl fees, max check size of 30m for people with service, etc.


Features are functionality toggles, generally involving something functional being added or changing.

EXP Link

Feature: gfExpLinkCharacter

Description: Feature to allow you to share EXP with a target.

Contents: EXP-Link Pendant, an item that lets you pick a target to share EXP with. Player or just pets?

New Character Colors

Feature: gfNewCharacterColor2011

Description: "New" hair colors.

Contents: Untranslated colors like Light Grey, Mithril White, Night Breeze, etc.

Party PVP

Feature: gfPartyShowdown

Description: Allows party leaders to have the parties engage in PvP with eachother. Video Here

Contents: Some new party settings and menus or something?

Password Campaign

Feature: gfPasswordCampaign

Description: A system to encourage players to use stronger passwords or auth systems in return for items.

Contents: Special versions of cash shop items like buff potions, bugle horns, etc.

Pawn Shop / Coins

Feature: gfPawnCoinRevival

Description: A pawn shop system where you trade in coins for clothing?

Contents: Various traditional Asian clothing sets, like from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

Perfume Making

Feature: gfPerfumeMaking

Description: Adds a skill to make perfume, though it apparently has no use and is not currently in any version.

Contents: Various flower seeds, the flowers themselves, and the perfumes made from them.

Recommend/Referral System

Feature: gfRecommendSystem

Description: Refer-a-friend system, if people sign up with your referral ID and play, you get prizes.

Contents: I remember something about halos and/or a warp book but I don't have any details.

Reforge / Metalware View

Feature: gfMetalwareRealview

Description: Displays the numerical/stat increases in reforges in the item tooltip like in this KR shop image.

Contents: A game engine/feature toggle to make the additional tooltip info show up, will also need the missing localization file for units.

Shana (Taiwan)

Feature: gfShanaTaiwan

Description: Hair styles.

Contents: Hair styles, might be a crossover, not sure.


  • Manuals and patterns that are not currently in any accessible drop tables.
    • These could be added to existing drop tables or NPC shops.
  • A number of these items are available in a finished form one way or another, but crafting can be preferable.
    • Ego food for rarely-seen weapons makes them available to use.
    • Crafting gets higher stat bonuses, and a possibility for a signature on the item.
    • The Erg system needs a signature on some items, meaning they need to be crafted.


Never Released

  • Manuals that exist, but as far as I know have never been seen in NA.
Item Forms Notes
Cleaver 20179 -
Connous Leather Set 20268 / 20269 / 20270 / 20271 / 20272 / 20273 All parts but the body, body is tailored instead.
Needs translation.
Cookie Shield 20246 -
Dragon Slasher 20234 -
Exquisite Arashi Set 20214 / 20215 / 20216 / 20217 / 20218 / 20219 / 20220 All parts but the body, body is tailored instead.
Needs translation.
Giant Half Guard Set 20222/ 20223 / 20224 / 20225 / 20226 / 20227 Female models missing.
Needs translation.
Royal Pumpkin Rapier 20274 -


  • Manuals that exist, but aren't obtainable in NA right now and some haven't been available for 8+ years.


Never Released

  • Manuals that exist, but as far as I know have never been seen in NA.
Item Forms Notes
Admiral's Set 186 / 187 / 188 / 189 -
Adorable Raccoon Set 376 / 377 / 378 / 379 / 380 /381 Needs translation.
Classic Shoes 285 -
Connous Leather Set 369 / 370 Body slot, others are smithed instead.
Needs translation.
Enamel Pumps 284 -
Exquisite Arashi Set 271 / 272 / 232 / 242 Body slot, others are smithed instead.
Needs translation.
Frog Robe 352 -
Giant Shoulder Armor 183 -
Goggle Cap 191 -
Gamyu Wizard Robe 372 / 373 / 374 / 375
Lymilark Nun Uniform 130 -
Marksman Leather Set 328 / 329 / 330 / 331 / 332 -
Oriental Robe 368 -
Tiger Hat 351 -
Tiger Robe 350 -
Traditional Plateau Tribal Set 353 / 354 / 355 / 356 / 357 / 358 -
Traveler Set 320 / 321 / 322 -
Tulip Headband 349 -
Bat Set 214 / 215 / 216 / 217 -
Elegant Lamellar Set 298 / 299 / 300 / 301 / 302 Needs translation.
Emerald's Classic Celtic Set 265 / 266 / 267 / 268 / 269 / 270 Needs translation.
Fur-trimmed Set 218 / 219 / 220 / 221 -
Gothic Riding Suit 304 -
Jester Robe 222 -
Lymilark Choir Set 390 / 391 / 392 / 393 / 394 / 395 Needs translation.
Marlin Robe 176 Needs translation.
Nakuru Dragon Pattern Magician Robe (M) / (F) 263 / 264 Needs translation.
Pilgrim Robe (M) / (F) 396 / 397 Needs translation.
Primitive Fox Set 205 / 206 / 207 / 208 -
Ranger Set 363 / 364 / 365 / 366 / 367 Needs translation.
Royal Hunter Set 382 / 383 / 384 / 385 / 386 / 387 / 388 / 389 Needs translation.
Royal Striped Robe (M) / (F) 223 / 224 -
Tea Party Set 398 / 399 / 400 / 401 / 402 / 403 Needs translation.


  • Manuals that exist, but aren't obtainable in NA right now and some haven't been available for 8+ years.


Maid & Butler Hair

Item: Butler Hair (Male Partner) (9000), Maid Hair (Female Partner) (9200)

Description: Maid & Butler hair for players, cost 5 pon each.

Complete? Needs localization changes, also needs player races added to their tags for the character style allowances.

Skin Colors

Item: Skin color IDs 15~27.

Description: Allow them to be selected by all player races (right now only certain races get certain colors).

Complete? The skin IDs need their allow tags changed to work for humans, elves, and giants.



Enchant: Immense (31125), R5 Suffix Regardless

Effects: When Carpentry is rank 1 or higher Product Quality +1 (plus other stats)


Clan Cow Armor

Item: clancow bone armor (13802), clancow break armor (13804), clancow guard armor (13806), clancow lite armor (13807), clancow worrier armor (13811), clancow lion armor (13812)

Description: Unique armor from a line of armors we got as "broken horn" in NA.

Complete? Need inventory icons and localization.


Clan Fox Wear

Item: clanFox basic wear (15813), clanFox buster wear (15814),

Description: Taoist-themed clothing.

Complete? Need inventory icons and localization.

Clan Raccoon Wear

Item: clanraccoon creed wear (15803), clanraccoon fury wear (15805), clanraccoon ruki wear (15810)

Description: Monk clothing?

Complete? Need inventory icons and localization.

FTW Shirt

Item: FTW Shirt (80258)

Description: Normal shirt with the letters FTW printed on it.

Complete? Yes.

Golem Body

Item: Golem Body (90002)

Description: A costume that replaces your body with a golem's.

Complete? Needs inventory image and localization.

Shamala's Costume

Item: Shamala's Costume (15982)

Description: Player-wearable version of Shamala's clothes (female-only). Not the same thing as "Shamala Outfit"!

Complete? Yes.

Temple Knight Officer Uniform

Item: Temple Knight Officer Uniform (15564)

Description: Lymilark-themed outfit.

Complete? Needs localization.

Winky Face Shirt

Item: Winky Face Shirt (80261)

Description: A shirt with a winking emote printed on it.

Complete? Yes.


Cessair Robe Rank 1

Item: Cessair Robe (95046)

Description: A simpler design for a lower rank (obtainable model is rank 4). It's the type used for disguise in Iria II episodes.

Complete? Needs inventory icon and text changes.

Cessair Robe Rank 2

Item: Cessair Robe (95064)

Description: A simpler design for a lower rank (obtainable model is rank 4).

Complete? Needs inventory icon and localization.

Cessair Robe Rank 3

Item: Cessair Robe (95065)

Description: A simpler design for a lower rank (obtainable model is rank 4).

Complete? Needs inventory icon and localization.

Partholon Robe

Item: Partholon Robe (19064)

Description: A robe from the alchemist storyline era.

Complete? Hood is broken when "down" and the model needs that fixed.


Tortoise Shell Shield

Item: Tortoise Shell Shield (46011)

Description: A shield with a unique look.

Complete? Yes.

Black Sheep Shield

Item: 판의 방패 (46033)

Description: A shield with a Pan print on it.

Complete? Needs localization.

Shield of Black sheep

Item: Shield of Black Sheep (46021)

Description: A shield with a Pan print on it.

Complete? Yes, could use better grammar though.


Ancestral Bow

Item: Ancestral Bow (40465)

Description: Mari's bow, intended for the ducat shop or a quest but never added.

Complete? Needs the inventory icon copied from Grandfather's Bow (40029), also needs a description.


Item: 흡혈검 (40974)

Description: A sword with a unique look.

Complete? Needs localization.

Don Quixote Lance

Item: Don Quixote Lance (40496)

Description: Don's lance from the halloween event, actually has a different look than the normal ones.

Complete? Needs a unique inventory icon.

Dragon Bow

Item: Dragon Bow (41249)

Description: A bow weapon with a unique look.

Complete? Needs icon and localization.

Dragon Staff

Item: Dragon Staff (41250)

Description: A staff with a unique look.

Complete? Needs icon and localization.

Dragon Sword

Item: Dragon Sword (41248)

Description: A sword with a unique look.

Complete? Needs icon and localization.


Item: 하리센 (40961)

Description: A fan weapon.

Complete? Needs localization for the name.

Master Lich Wand

Item: Master Lich Wand (40464)

Description: The wand wielded by Master Lich, otherwise known as the Drain Wand.

Complete? Yes, though it has no elemental affinity and doesn't look like it'd do much.

Ranger Sword

Item: Ranger Sword (40482)

Description: Sword used in G16 RPs and by Odran, crystal-shaped.

Complete? Needs an inventory icon.

Soul-Searcher Sword

Item: Soul-Searcher Sword (40103)

Description: An eastern-style sword.

Complete? Yes.

Wisdom of Snakes

Item: Wisdom of Snakes (40463)

Description: Cladius' cane from the Shakes generations, intended for the ducat shop.

Complete? Yes.


Brilluen's Wings

Item: 브릴루엔 날개 (19403)

Description: Brilluen's wings.

Complete? Needs localization.