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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Cooking Images1713:54, 9 May 2014
Icons913:15, 5 May 2014

Cooking Images


UnNormal (talk)19:32, 5 May 2014

Okay, here you go! (wouldn't let me put link because i'm not confirmed.)

UnNormal (talk)19:35, 5 May 2014

None of those puushes are working for me and the wiki doesn't accept Jpg files.

Nise Panda (talk)19:45, 5 May 2014

The puushes are working fine for me. I just manually type in the http part then paste. Also the images were asked by Arthuring so he could edit them, I'm not directly uploading anything.

UnNormal (talk)20:35, 5 May 2014

The puushes are working for me too, and I can also make these files PNG files with no problem. Thanks for your help, please keep sending me new food icons when you can. Thanks again.

Arthuring (talk)11:07, 6 May 2014

Converting to png from jpg doesn't solve the problem. The problem we have is that saving an image as a jpg causes the image to lose some quality due to the way jpgs are compressed. Converting it from jpg to png doesn't improve the quality in any way. On the other hand, taking the screenshot as a png in the first place will ensure that the image is at maximum quality. Please take a look at these guidelines for a good method to get 100% quality images.

Blargel (talk)11:21, 6 May 2014

I totally understand your point of view, but I'm not wasting new food icons because they are not 100% perfect, we need it updated, after that, we can slowly improve everything. But now we must focus on creating every single template of the new itens.

Arthuring (talk)12:21, 6 May 2014

Ah, I understand wanting to get all the info on a page, but think of long-term - do you really want to have to examine each image and figure out if it's a renamed jpg image or an actual png? If there's just a "No Image" icon instead, it's easier to quickly look through items and see what still needs that image. Just something to think about ^^; *flees*

Elide (talk)12:34, 6 May 2014

you're right, but I'm also updating the hotarugirl cooking ruler and it won't let me leave an item without icon, That's why I need the images, but I'm not uploading them on wiki. I need to release this fully updated ASAP.

Arthuring (talk)12:43, 6 May 2014

Oh, these aren't for the wiki? Carry on then, lol.

Blargel (talk)14:00, 6 May 2014

If you guys are interested I can re-take the screenshots in .png format. Just need to change the settings on puush.

UnNormal (talk)14:42, 6 May 2014

That sounds great! If you have the time, please do.

Blargel (talk)17:27, 6 May 2014



Cooking Journal:


Also Arthuring, there's 3 new images in there.

UnNormal (talk)22:50, 6 May 2014

Nice, Thanks! o/

Arthuring (talk)10:21, 7 May 2014

Here's another image dump:


I'll do one more after I have everything, which may take a while because TOFU NOODLES OMG I HATE

UnNormal (talk)21:09, 8 May 2014

Thanks brother, but it's not necessary anymore, we got wiki full recipely updated ^^

Arthuring (talk)13:54, 9 May 2014

You're not. But they're still jpg files, Arthuring isn't suppose to upload them because they're jpg files.

Nise Panda (talk)20:40, 5 May 2014

WOW!! Thank you very much, this sure is a enormous help!

Arthuring (talk)20:21, 5 May 2014

I noticed that in your images, the image have transparent edges, which isn't normal. Is there a program you're using to give an image a transparent background? Because sometimes there are two different types of erasers.

Nise Panda (talk)11:25, 5 May 2014

I believe that any "photoshop" program can do that, but right now, I'm using Gimp, it is a great image editor in my opinion... BTW, I don't erase the background, I cut the item icon and paste it on a new image file, it's easier and faster for me. ^^

Arthuring (talk)12:27, 5 May 2014

Yes, but my problem is that your edges end up transparent. Which shouldn't happen and your uploads can be replaced any time due to it.

Nise Panda (talk)12:34, 5 May 2014

You mean that the last pixel of the image icon is not 100% opaque? Or the problem is literaly the background?

Arthuring (talk)12:40, 5 May 2014

The former.

Nise Panda (talk)12:47, 5 May 2014

hmm... I'm sorry, but, I'm afraid that I'm not understanding... Can you tell me the image that you noticed the problem? And how it should look like? Thanks!

Arthuring (talk)12:52, 5 May 2014

The icon above was taken by another use, you can clearly see that all the pixels are opaque, while the icon under it is yours, it has odd transparent pixels, which does not belong there.

Nise Panda (talk)13:00, 5 May 2014

Oh THAT! Looks like I was understanding what you were saying. I normally add a "shadow" like edge to make it a little more detailed... Will it be better without it?

Arthuring (talk)13:12, 5 May 2014

It's not part of the actual icon, so it's better without it.

Nise Panda (talk)13:13, 5 May 2014

Sure, thanks for warning me up. ^^

Arthuring (talk)13:15, 5 May 2014