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User talk:Natiamasscre

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Thread titleRepliesLast modified
Your uploaded image.419:06, 4 March 2012
Hey there.713:41, 4 March 2012
Hello218:25, 16 August 2011

Your uploaded image.

Both of your pictures have gone through. It just takes a while for the preview template to update. Something about job queues.

Though, I should warn you that the picture you uploaded is prime target for replacement. Image Policy outlines that the wiki don't take clothes with white or black in them if they can help it.

EDIT: Oh right, and if you want to know how to force the picture to show, usually a purge, or a refresh, or an edit-then-save-without-changing-anything on the preview page should work.

Akira18:02, 4 March 2012

Oh thank you c: And I'm just trying to get a picture up so people could see what it was. If someone have a better picture of it, I don't really mind if they do replace it.

Do you mean edit then save without changing anything on the image itself or the page for the image for the item?

Natiamasscre18:12, 4 March 2012

The page for the image for the item.

Akira18:38, 4 March 2012

Ty And do you know how to put images on the side with the boxes around it with caption on the bottom?

Natiamasscre18:47, 4 March 2012

I believe you use the <gallery> tag. Not entirely sure how to align it to the right, though.

For examples, see Mari's page and Arranz's page.

Akira19:06, 4 March 2012

Hey there.

I've noticed that you've had this account for a while now. Please keep in mind that in order to keep your user page privilege, it is necessary that you contribute to the wiki. You can check out your contributions here.

I did contribute some, but I haven't really been on mabi for awhile cause of the patch not working for me. I'll try to contribute more :o

Natiamasscre19:34, 14 September 2011

You're still going to need more contributions in order to maintain your user page.

Pyro - (Talk)22:26, 15 December 2011

I'm sorry for not contributing more. I've been preoccupied so I haven't had the time to do so. I'll try to contribute more in the future.

Natiamasscre23:04, 15 December 2011


Pyro - (Talk)13:36, 4 March 2012

Well, it's been a few months and you haven't contributed at all. And now, after three and a half months, you come and don't contribute but further add on to your user page.

Pyro - (Talk)13:38, 4 March 2012

Cause I haven't been on mabi on those few months and I just got bk . w . And I just add little things such as like clothes detail and stuff but since i haven't been on i couldn't do anything o_o

Natiamasscre13:41, 4 March 2012

Hello and welcome to the wiki. I suggest you read the wiki policy before making edits to your, or any page. Specifically, we require actual constructive edits to non-user pages in order to make and maintain a user page.

Pyro - (Talk)21:18, 2 August 2011

Also, in the character template, as you've figured out, you leave it blank or out of the coding to keep it out of the template. Otherwise, if you want it to come up normally, you need to write either Neamhain or Morrighan.

Pyro - (Talk)16:07, 16 August 2011

I was wondering how to do that. (lol) Thanks.

Natiamasscre18:25, 16 August 2011