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Just a little bit about me

Sweet! Asked for, and received, a drawing of my characters Flarereaper and Flarespirit! Thank you very much, Tiane/Cquiles!

Despite my habit of calling out recent pictures that don't comply with the policy...I'm deuteranomal, and rather color-retarded to begin with (as in aside from the common ones, I've never learned the proper names of several different shades; you might be able to see how deuteranomaly might screw with my mind there).

I have fondness for certain puzzles. Especially a certain kind of internet riddle game. I tried to simulate it in a contest in Mabinogi World, except, I may have tried too much...

I figured I should have at least one link to this. User:AKAAkira/Spot the Difference.

Current Thoughts

  • View History isn't just a helpful's freaking addictive. Trying to think up of a proper style for Fomor Command Scrolls, I referenced Wikipedia...and then somehow got into looking at the history tabs for all of four hours.
  • Dragon Nest Wiki is so empty nowadays...come on, Mabi players, you gotta help out your younger stepbrother too!
  • ...It took me this long to realize...the majority of work I seem to be doing these days, tagging old pictures for deletion...will never count on my contributions list...*facepalm*
  • I hate trying to measure infinitesimal distances from the line...
  • User talk:Kotarou3#Your Signature
  • Badoura Costume moves the belly button up a few centimetres. Am I the only one who found this funny?
  • Why do people upload their personal pictures in .png? I mean, the wiki's pictures should be the highest quality possible, so regularly talking .png pictures isn't exactly a bad habit to get into...but for personal pictures that don't necessarily need the quality, it saves dataspace by taking pictures in .jpg.
  • Trivia: In Dragon Nest, "mabinogi" is a specifically whitelisted word. What? Why?
  • Somehow I find it funny that the update centered on music and bards removed the login screen's music.
  • Oh dear...GuMaxDD is terribly incompatible with a 3DS screen. Not that I've been expecting it to be, but...
    • ...Why's GuMaxDD removed in the new Mediawiki update?

Bored, Kind Of...

One Thing about Redirects

Keeping Your Head in the Game...called the Real World

A List of Questions Slash Suggestions that I Probably Should Ask Slash Tell Nexon on the Next Q & A Session that I put here because I'm Going to Definitely Forget by the time It Comes Around