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Portrait of Mariota GwydionFile:Mari.png
Mariota Gwydion
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 10
Occupation Archer
Track Little Wish


Mariota "Mari" Gwydion was one of The Three Lost Warriors, along with Ruairi and Tarlach. She was ten years old, the youngest of the three; her youthful and innocent behavior made her beloved in the hearts of her two older companions. She was also talented in archery.

Mari had no memory of her birth parents, only acknowledging that Duncan adopted her.

Mari went along with her friends to Tir Na Nog in an attempt to rescue the Goddess Morrighan, but disappeared.

Mainstream Story



Track Title
Little Wish
Cutscenes involving Mari


  • Previously, Mari in the Generation 1 Quest Clear Rabbie Dungeon had a 'Prototype' version of Arrow Revolver; the Prototype requires each shot needs to be manually loaded, much like Icebolt.
  • During the G1 RP Quest Mari had Rank F Musical Knowledge, Rank D Rest, First Aid, Counterattack, Rank C Playing Instrument, Smash, Rank B Defense, Rank A Critical Hit, Rank 9 Magnum Shot, Combat Mastery, and Rank 7 Ranged Attack.
  • Mariota is a Scottish variant of the name Margaret (meaning pearl). Alternatively, Mari is a Welsh variant of the name Mary. Mary is itself a variant of the name Miriam (likely meaning beloved).
  • Gwydion is a Welsh name from gwyddon (meaning wizard or scientist) or gwyddion (meaning trees).
    • The combination of wizard and trees suggests the image of a Druid, not unlike Mari's true father.