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Portrait of Vena
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Elf Tutorial Helper
Location [[Located in::Tutorial Field (Connous)]]

Track A Cute Girl's Misjudgment Is Not A Crime


Her countenance is like a flower that's been absorbing the brightness of the sun, and her carefree smile, which is without a trace of any shadows, shines together with her sparkling eye that are looking at me with excitement.

Vena is a little girl who seems to have a connection to Nao. Similar to Ffion or Tin, she will train new Elves in the basics of their inherent abilities and how to explore.


Rebirthing Elves who talk to Vena will receive a Fixed Color Dye Ampoule along with a Nao's Gift Collection Book, but only if they are rebirthing into a hero talent and choose to rebirth in Iria. In rare cases, she may show a Fixed Flashing Dye. In asking Vena to show a different color dye, it is important to remember that she will only show 10 different dyes before stopping. Upon reaching the last one, players will be stuck with that color. If the player disconnects from the game while choosing a dye, upon re-logging in and speaking to Vena, they will resume at the previous dye they were on and continue until the tenth dye. (Example: If one disconnects on the 7th dye, he/she will continue from the 7th dye out of 10 upon speaking to Vena again.)

Vena's Equipment

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