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Portrait of Ffion
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Human Tutorial Helper of Rano
Location Tutorial Field (Rano)

Track Ffion's Picture is Better in Books


A young lady is wearing a tight-fitting khaki Explorers' Suit. She has an ever-present smile hanging on her lips. Her large chocolate-brown eyes look ahead softly.

Ffion is a cute little girl with large red eyes and a brown explorer outfit. She helps train Iria-born Human players in the art of exploring and the basics of attacking, but she will teach only exploring to those Humans who are newcomers from Uladh.

She knows Tin and claims to be three years older than he is. She seems to be able to talk to Nao, too.


Like Tin, she will give Humans a Fixed Dye Ampoule along with a Nao's Gift Collection Book upon reirthing into a hero talent and choosing to rebirth in Iria. In rare cases, she may show you a Fixed Flashing Dye. In asking Ffion to show you a different color dye, it is important to remember that she will only show you 10 different dyes before stopping. Upon reaching the last one, you will be stuck with that color. If the player disconnects from the game while choosing a dye, upon re-logging in and speaking to Ffion, they will resume at the previous dye they were on and continue until the tenth dye. (Example: If you disconnect on the 7th dye, you will continue from the 7th dye out of 10 upon speaking to Ffion again.)


After you have visited Iria and have completed the Exploration Tutorial, it is possible to revisit Ffion without having to perform a rebirth. If you ride on a mount pet owned by a player who has never been in Iria and have the player Continent Warp there, then you and the other player will both be moved into the Tutorial Area. Likewise, if you ride on a mount belonging to a player that has been to Iria before (and completed the tutorial?), you won't have to go through the tutorial (that time?).


  • "I want some hot chocolate."
  • "Thump, thump."
  • "I want a chocolate chip cookie."
  • "I don't know if I can last until snack time."
  • "A cute Forest Lizard is petting its own tail. Pouring water from the Lutra River, it washes its golden scales."
  • "I want a chocolate torte."
  • "Does anyone want to learn about expeditions?"
  • "I want some cheese cake."
  • "How far is Uladh from here?"
  • "I wonder what Alexina's up to now."
  • "I likes books with lots of pictures."
  • "Ask me anything you'd like to know."
  • "Argh, I'm so full."


  • Ffion's clothes resemble Alexina's because they were a gift from her, a fact Ffion reveals if the player uses the Tailoring Keyword on her.
  • Previously, Ffion had a red eye color. This was erroneously changed to an emerald eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.