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Portrait of Waboka
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Weapons Dealer
and Guard
Location Cor
Repair Blacksmith Repairs, 95%


His eyes are those of a savanna jackal facing its enemy. The drawn, tightness in his lips have created deep, dignified lines from the ends of his nostrils to the corners of his mouth, showing his great pride as a Courcle warrior.

Waboka is the guard of Cor Village and serves as the local blacksmith at the Weapon Shop. In his shop is the basic things a blacksmith's shop may normally consist of: tools, ammo, and a small selection of weapons. He can teach you the Charge skill if you talk to him with the "Skills" keyword.

In terms of relationships, he is a childhood friend of Kusina, and seems to be in love with her. He had a brother, Kunka, who was killed by hobgoblins that invaded Lappa Village. It is shown that Waboka truly loved his brother, whom he remembers as Iria's greatest warrior, and blames himself for his death.

Waboka is shown to be a womanizer, knowing where all the women of Cor are, where they've been, and what they wear. This is further shown through the course of Generation 17.


Waboka's Equipment