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Slice of Cake

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For more gifts, see Gifts for NPCs and Category:Gifts for NPCs.


Inventory icon of Slice of Cake

2 × 2

Methods to Obtain


NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Caitin Tir Chonaill 100g
Glenis Dunbarton
Jennifer Bangor

Monster Drops

What Where
Snow Imp Par Normal,
Par Snow Crystal

Used in

Part-time jobs


Beginner Deliver Dress to Shena
Deliver Slice of Cake to Osla
300 EXP, 400 Gold Cheap Finishing Thread x 1, 600G
Thick Thread Ball x5, 620G


Hurling Rocks

How to Get Quest

Level up after completing "Continent Warp to Qilla Base Camp" (Human) or "Continent Warp to Tir Chonaill" (Elf/Giant)?

Briefing Hey, if you aren't too busy, then can you help me? I'm at a water mill next to Barri Dungeon in Bangor. If you do help me, I have something interesting for you. - Sion -
  • Talk to Sion of Bangor
  • Give the cake piece to Sion
Additional Information

Jennifer sells piece of cake gift for 100 gold. Stone Throwing action listed incorrectly on quest as "Throwing Rocks" action.

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