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Axe Throwing

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Axe Throwing.png
  • Possessed only by the Dullahan.
  • The Dullahan will whisper "Come... To the world of death." to the player when they are the target of this attack. After a short period, the Dullahan will throw an axe at the player.
    • The axe is visible to all players and moves slowly towards the target.
    • Ignores any form of invincibility.
    • Play Dead does not work against this skill.
  • Dullahan can use this while mounted on the Hell Steed, but will rarely use it when dismounted.
  • This attack will never miss its target, but can be dodged by using Evasion shortly before the Axe reaches them.
    • It can be blocked using the Defense skill, inflicting 1 point of damage on the player if equipped with a Shield.
  • Throw Axe drops the player to -1 HP (Deadly), bypassing Defense and Protection.
    • The exact damage done is calculated as Remaining HP + 1.
      • Players should keep their HP low and Mana Shield up in order to avoid certain death should Evasion fail.
    • Marionettes lack the means to block/evade this skill aside from being unsummoned, and their inability to enter deadly will result instant death once hit.
    • Classified as a Ranged Attack, Natural Shield can lower the damage of the attack.
    • In the event that the player is not put into Deadly, they will be pushed back.