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Royal Castle Banquet

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Every Samhain (Saturday), the Rath Royal Castle will hold a Banquet at 7:00pm PST100 in the Great Hall. The banquet lasts 1 hour. Fireworks will go off in celebration around the front gates, next to Lezzaro, to announce the start of the event.

Once the banquet begins, several buffet tables will appear in the main hall. These have a large array of different foods made by Glewyas and Gordon that players can eat. Players can also prepare and serve their own foods. After eating food, the player will be prompted to write a thank-you message to the chef and must wait 3 minutes before consuming another dish.

There are several private tables scattered around the main hall. These can be reserved and given a theme. They are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. The tables have posters beside them for you to write personal messages in to help your friends find your individual table.

Several NPCs as well as an unusable piano will also spawn in the Banquet as scenery.

Every minute, every player in the hall will receive 7,500 EXP (442,500 EXP total; the last minute does not give EXP, however). Summoned pets do not gain EXP, but players logged in as pets will. However, pets will only receive half the amount of EXP. (3,750 per minute, 221,250 total).

Five minutes before the banquet ends, the winner of the raffle will be announced.

Raffle winners automatically receive the prize in their inventory before the announcement, or in their temporary inventory if they do not have enough room.


NPC Occupation Location
Banquet Helper.png
Banquet Helper
Royal Castle Banquet
Party Guest.png
Party Guest
Royal Castle Banquet
Banquet Manager.png
Banquet Manager
Royal Castle Banquet

Lucky Coupon

Rows of tables for five allow players to lounge around during the banquet.

At the banquet, the Banquet Helper will give you a Lucky Coupon once you speak with her. Only 100 Lucky Coupons will be given out per channel, however, if someone with a coupon leaves, another coupon will be given out. For example, if someone with a coupon leaves, ticket 101 will be distributed to the person who talks to the Banquet Helper. If 10 people leave after all the coupons have been given out, tickets 101~110 will be given to people who talk to the Banquet Helper. The number will rise according with the number of people that leave, or disconnects.

If you leave the hall by any means necessary (moving to another map, Continent Warp, Homestead, etc.), your Lucky Coupon will disappear and you will not be able to get another.



Two buffet tables on opposite ends of the main hall serve a variety of foods with special effects.

There is a variety of food at the buffet table. It is possible to serve your own food, though they must be between 4-5 stars.

  • The food you eat here do not contribute to your Collection Journal.
  • If you are serving food, notes that can be sent will be sent to the person who cooked the dish.
  • The tables on each side of the Banquet will serve a slightly different assortment of foods compared to the other table.
  • An easy way to complete some Cooking skill requirements is to eat the food provided at the banquet.
    • This will not count towards the "Eat a dish without sharing" requirements, however.

Buffet Food List Temporary Status Effects Cooking Method
Fruit Juice Int +4 Mixing
Sponge Cake Dex +8 Mixing
Seafood Fried Rice Will +12 Stir-frying
Chicken Gratin Max MP +13 Baking
T-Bone Steak Max HP +18 Str +3 Will +2 Baking
Fried Egg Str +6 Baking
Salad Luck +10 Mixing
Herb Garlic Steak Str +12 Baking
Royal Caviar Canape Int +15 Mixing
Cheese Fondue Max HP +13, Int +3, Will +2, Dex +2 Boiling
Steamed Trout Max HP +10, Int +3, Luck +2, Dex +2 Simmering
Fried Abb Neagh Carp Max HP +9, Dex -9, Will +14, Str +18, Int -9, Plays Cutscene Deep-frying
Coq Au Vin Max HP +9, Str + 1, Will +3, Dex +4 Baking
Thyme Tea Max HP +4, Will +4, Luck +4 Boiling