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Category:Demonic Equipment

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Basic Information

  • Demonic Equipment are some of the most powerful items in the game, but are also extremely difficult to create or obtain.
  • They can be produced through either Handicraft, Carpentry, or Blacksmithing, but requires an Active Level 15 Talent of the respective type.
    • Require Demonic Materials to produce, which are only found in Lord Missions or the White Dragon Raid.
    • Success rates for crafting the item(s) are extremely low, roughly 20% at base.
    • Each piece of demonic equipment requires many steps in production.
      • These two factors means that one can realistically expect to expend hundreds, if not thousands, of materials in order to produce a single piece of demonic equipment.
    • Certain pieces of demonic equipment can also be obtained through Saga EP Boxes at an extremely low rate.
      • Daily Bonus increases the chance of obtaining certain demonic weapons from the EP Boxes.
  • Requires Level 15 of the affiliated Talent to wield the equipment. For example, the Demonic Hellfire Cylinder requires a Level 15 Battle Alchemy Talent.
  • Most demonic equipment may be Enchanted, Gem Upgraded, Artisan Upgraded, and Special Upgraded, even if all other weapons of the same type cannot.