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Classic Spirit Weapons

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Future content.png As of G24, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Spirit Ascension.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.

For the G24 renewal version, see Spirit Ascension.

Spirit Incarnation in Action.

Spirit Weapons, also known as Egos, are utilized by casting a spirit onto a desirable weapon in order to awaken one's true strength. With continuous and intense care by the user, a spirit weapon can grow up to a point where it can easily surpass the abilities of upgraded or enchanted weapons.

Spirit Weapons vs. Regular Weapons

A player's Spirit Weapon equipped, more specifically, a Healing Wand.
  • To obtain a spirit weapon, you will have to complete a quest by gathering the required items in order to convert a regular weapon into a spirit weapon.
  • Only one spirit weapon can be wielded per character. It is possible to make another Spirit Weapon by transferring the Spirit. Otherwise, both the spirit weapon and the previous spirit will be lost.

Spirit Weapons:

Swords Axe/Blunt Weapons Bows/Crossbows Wands Cylinders

Misc. Details

  • The spirit weapon's initial stats are fixed regardless of the grade of weapon used (i.e. a stock weapon and one with +4 durability would both have the same stats after becoming spirit weapons).
  • If you wish to remove your spirit and cancel the contract, you will lose both the spirit and the weapon itself. Transferring the spirit to another weapon will retain the weapon the spirit resides in, including any spirit dye that was applied. It will become a normal weapon of its type.
    • This is done by talking to Tarlach using the Spirit Weapon's Contract Keyword, and clicking Cancel Contract.
      • He asks for confirmation thrice. Clicking Cancel all three times will end the contract.
  • If you talk to your spirit weapon while it is Fine or Happy: Once an in-game day (recharges at 12:00 AM), it may randomly give you one of the following bonuses:
Message Effect
Hunger abated. Food level is raised (not necessarily entirely); Stamina is unaffected.
Stamina has been successfully recovered. Stamina is raised to 100%; hunger is not affected.
Wounds have been successfully healed. Wound points are set to 0; current HP is raised to 0 (if negative) or maximum (if positive).
HP has been successfully recovered. Life is raised to its current maximum, taking into account wounds.
Mana has been recovered successfully. Mana points are raised to 100%.
[Item_name] Blessing effect successful.[sic] The named item receives blessing.
Every equipped item has been blessed. All equipped, unblessed items receive blessing, if they are able to.
  • If one of the above bonuses is picked but has no effect, the sound effect will still play, and no text will be displayed.
  • Teardrop of the Spirit can be obtained by talking to the Spirit Weapon with the Teardrop of the Spirit Keyword. This uses up a spirit's blessing.
    • You cannot receive a spirit's blessing after obtaining a Teardrop of the Spirit until the next cycle. Likewise, if you have already received the blessing, you cannot obtain a Teardrop of the Spirit.

Spirit Weapon Stats

After making a spirit weapon, the item stats will change.

  • Like player characters, each spirit also has a status screen displaying its own stats for STR, INT, DEX, Will, Luck, and Social.
    • Strength: Determines Minimum and Maximum Damage the Spirit Weapon can inflict. In the case of some Spirit Wands, it decreases Mana Consumption Rate. For the Spirit Cylinder, it increases Flame Alchemy Efficiency.
    • Intelligence: Determines Damage Balance of the Spirit Weapon. It increases Magic Damage for some Spirit Wands and Water Alchemy Efficiency for Spirit Cylinders.
    • Dexterity: Determines Injury Rate the Spirit Weapon can inflict. It increases Casting Speed for some Spirit Wands and Wind Alchemy Efficiency for Spirit Cylinders.
    • Will: Determines Maximum Durability the Spirit Weapon can possess.
    • Luck: Determines Critical Hit Rate of the Spirit Weapon and in the case of some Spirit Wands, Critical Hit Damage. It increases Earth Alchemy Mastery Efficiency for Spirit Cylinders.
    • For many weapons, Int, Dex, Will, and/or Luck will increase Max or Min Attack of the weapon by 1 or 2 for each level from 25 to 30.
    • Social: Determines the color of light the Spirit Weapon emits and the rank of the Classic Spirit Weapon Awakening skill.
      • In addition, Fire Wand, Ice Wand, Lightning Wand, and Dittes Sacred Wand receive Chain Casting for every 5 social levels until level 21.
        • This is not to be confused with elemental wand types.
        • Other wands do not receive this.
      • Spirits do not have full recollection of past events at low Social Levels, they become more knowledgeable and give you tips as their Social Level increases.

All stats can change by giving the Spirit Weapon items.

Stat Growing (Giving items to your Spirit Weapon)

Press the slash key to talk to the spirit. (This can be modified through hot-keys.) You can then use the "Give Item" option to give to your spirit weapon an item to absorb.

Upon absorbing an item you give it, a specific stat may increase (which stat varies from spirit to spirit). The increment depends on the value of item and the current level of the stat, as well as the current state of the Spirit (happy, fine, unhappy, angry). Different spirits prefer different items.

Spirit weapon stats will decrease should you decide not to give them an item over period of time. This impacts damage, balance, critical, and injury rate. Maximum range and chain casting can also be effected. This decrease is not permanent; it lasts until the suitable level of happiness is again reached.

See Giving to your Spirit Weapon for more details.

Obtaining a Spirit Weapon


  • The quest will not be triggered if the player still possesses their Eiry.
  • The Weapon to be converted into Spirit Weapon.
    • The Weapon's Proficiency has to be between 100 (0.0%) and 100 (100.0%), inclusive.
    • The Weapon cannot have any Appearance Change applied.
    • The Weapon must not have any type of Upgrades, including Gem Upgrades and/or Special Upgrades.
    • The weapon being spirited must be in your Normal Inventory and must not be stored in your bag.
    • Weapon's Maximum Durability has to be at least 80% of its Original Maximum Durability:
Max Original Weapon Durability: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Minimum Spirit-able Durability 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 11 12 12 13 14 14
  • 30 Elemental Removers.
  • A Spirit Stone of the appropriate weapon type (obtained during quest).

Ancient Spirit Magic Quest

(This step is skipped if you have a Spirit Weapon in your Special or Basic Inventory.)

  • Talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha using the Private Story keyword with a 100 proficiency weapon equipped (durability, upgrades, enchants, etc do not matter to start the quest). You will receive a quest after you talk about Private Story.
    • As well, the weapon itself must be egoable. For example, a 100 proficiency Toy Bow will not initiate the quest, regardless of durability, upgrades, etc.
Ancient Spirit Magic
How to Get Quest

Talk to Aodhan about Private Story while equipping a single-wielded, 100 proficiency weapon of a type that can be made into a spirit weapon

Briefing Research the ancient magic that allows the spirit to be laden in the weapon.
  • 290 Experience Points
  • 440 Gold
Additional Information

Edern will give you the keyword Ancient Spirit Fossil in step 4.

  • Talk to Gilmore in Bangor using the Ancient Spirit Fossil keyword. He will ask you to pay him 5,000G for the Barri Spirit Dungeon Pass. Prepare a pickaxe and then enter Barri Dungeon with the pass.
    • You may choose to bring people. The Barri Spirit Fossil dungeon has some Brown and Gray Gremlins, Vampire Bats, Red Spiders and Imps. It has 3 floors.
    • There are 8 ore piles on the third floor of the dungeon, before the boss room. The fossils can be retrieved from piles of ore randomly. These piles of ore also store Iron Ore.
    • Boss is 5 Ogre Warriors. However you may choose to leave the dungeon once you mine all the fossils.
    • Each fossil takes up a 2x2 square of inventory. Fossils cannot be stacked.
  • Collect as many fossils as possible.
  • Talk to Edern to refine collected fossils (choose Refine Spirit Stone button).
    • Your first refinement will give you the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract.
    • The gender and type of spirit is randomized and revealed only after the refining process. If you do not get the one you want, you may purchase another pass from Gilmore and try again.
      • You may also simply buy the desired spirit stone from other players. Spirit stones are mailable and can be stored in pet inventory.
        • They can also be dropped and traded via the Trade Window.
  • Collect 30 Elemental Removers. These may be purchased from Price, Galvin, or Lassar for 1,000G each.
    • As a side note, Galvin and Price sell the elemental removers in stacks of 5, rather than only stacks of 1. Please keep this in mind so you do not have to purchase all 30 of them individually from Lassar.
  • Talk to Tarlach using the Spirit Weapon's Contract keyword once all the required items are gathered. He will ask you to choose which spirit stone, then which weapon, and then ask you to give the spirit a name and a confirmation.
    • Tarlach cannot see into the VIP tab, so the desired weapon must be in the general inventory tab.

Faster/Easier way to obtain a Spirit Weapon


You will not obtain the keyword Ancient Spirit Fossil, and you will not be able to get the passes to enter the dungeon after obtaining your spirit weapon with this method. Follow the directions after step six to obtain the keyword. This is not advised as you need piece of an Ancient Spirit fossil to create spirit liqueur, which is used to repair the spirit weapon.

1.Obtain a weapon with 100 proficiency.

2.Obtain a Spirit Stone.

3.Obtain 30 Elemental Removers.

4.Talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha with a 100 proficiency weapon equipped (max durability, upgrades, enchants, etc. do not matter to start the quest). You will receive a quest after you talk about Private Story.

  • This step is skipped if it isn't your first spirit weapon.

5.Talk to Tarlach, note that he must be in his human form, which lasts sometime between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. He will notice that you already have a spirit stone and give you the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract.

6.Talk to Tarlach using the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract, and he will let you choose the type of Spirit Stone and the weapon and then have you name your new Spirit Weapon.

  • The original quest for obtaining a spirit weapon remains in your quest log, you may choose to complete it for the keyword if you wish to sell spirit stones to other players or supply your friends with some.
  • Sometimes it is possible to skip all of the above steps and obtain the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract from Tarlach by simply having a spirit stone in your inventory. Simply speak to Tarlach again with a weapon with 100 proficiency, a Spirit Stone and 30 Elemental Removers in your inventory to obtain your Spirit Weapon.


Type Male Female Spirit Personality
Sword Ego Male Sword.png Ego Female Sword.png Spirit of the Sword.png Proud/Unsocialized
Male Spirit Weapon Quotes
Female Spirit Weapon Quotes
Title Partner of the Male Sword Spirit the Older Brother/Sister of Female Spirit for Sword
Axe/Blunt Ego Male Blunt.png Ego Female Blunt.png Spirit of the Blunt.png Servile/Respectful
Male Spirit Weapon Quotes
Female Spirit Weapon Quotes
Title the Master of Male Blunt Weapon Spirit the Master of Female Blunt Weapon Spirit
Bow Ego Male Bow.png Ego Female Bow.png Spirit of the Bow.png Arrogant/Haughty
Male Spirit Weapon Quotes
Female Spirit Weapon Quotes
Title Friend of the Male Bow Spirit the Friend of the Female Bow Spirit
Wand Ego Male Wand.png Ego Female Wand.png Spirit of the Wand.png Shy/Apologetic
Male Spirit Weapon Quotes
Female Spirit Weapon Quotes
Title Relative of the Male Wand Spirit Relative of the Female Wand Spirit
Cylinder Ego Male Cylinder.png Ego Female Cylinder.png Spirit of the Cylinder.png Jokeful/Friendly
Male Spirit Weapon Quotes
Female Spirit Weapon Quotes
Title The Male Spirit Cylinder's Confidant The Female Spirit Cylinder's Confidant

Social Level Colors


Spirit Weapon Repair

  • Spirit Weapons cannot be repaired by a Blacksmith or a Magician NPC like normal weapons. You must prepare a Spirit Liqueur and a weapon of the same kind as your Spirit. Repair success rate and Durability recovered is dependent on the Proficiency level of the weapon used for repair.
    • For example, in order to repair a spirit Longbow, you would need a Spirit Liqueur and an ordinary Longbow with high Proficiency.
      • 100% repair rates can be achieved by using a 100 proficiency repair weapon.
    • Fossil Pieces of an Ancient Spirit used to create Spirit Liqueur are a byproduct of the Spirit Stone refinement process.
    • The weapon used for repair can be an upgraded weapon, but any proficiency used towards upgrades does not count towards repair.
      • For example, a Broadsword with 100 Proficiency and 5 Upgrades will restore the same Durability as a Broadsword with 100 Proficiency and 0 Upgrades.
  • Just like repairs on normal weapons, failed repairs on a spirit weapon will reduce the maximum durability.
  • The in-game Item Shop sells Spirit Weapon Repair Potions. There are 2 types. One type repairs the Durability by a random number between 1 and 5, and costs 300 NX. The other type repairs the Durability by a random number between 6 and 10, and costs 500 NX. One advantage to this is that the Spirit Weapon will never lose maximum durability, another is that you do not need to use a High-Proficiency weapon of the same kind to repair it, which saves time and gold.
    • The Item Shop also sells Spirit Liqueur of Blessing, which repairs 50% of the spirit weapons durability, in addition to blessing the weapon.
    • If a Spirit Weapon reaches 0 Durability, do not unequip it or rebirth! You will still have a chance to repair it by using a Spirit Liqueur and a weapon of the same type to repair your Spirit Weapon. If you do unequip your Spirit Weapon, there are two methods to restore your Spirit Weapon:
      • Purchase a Spirit Weapon Restoration Potion and use it. This will repair 0.02 durability on your Spirit Weapon. From there, use a Spirit Liqueur and a weapon of the same type to repair your Spirit Weapon.
      • Purchase a Spirit Weapon Repair Potion from the in-game Item Shop and use it. This will repair 1~5 points(300 NX) or 6~10 points(500 NX), depending on which type you purchase.

Spirit Weapon Transfer


  • Spirit Weapon Transfer allows you to move your Spirit from one weapon to another.
    • You may transfer your Spirit Weapon through the weapon of a same type by talking to Tarlach or Berched (e.g. Sword to Sword), even if both weapons are the same. Gender and name cannot be changed.
    • You may transfer your Spirit Weapon into another weapon of a different type through Dorren (e.g. Sword to Bow). Gender and name may be changed. You may also use the same type of weapon if you wish to change the name or gender of your spirit, but will still need a new spirit stone.
    • Both methods may cause your Spirit Weapon to lose levels. The levels lost are random.
  • Materials needed (for same-type transfer):
  • Materials needed (for different-type transfer):

Same-type Weapon (Tarlach/Berched)

Spirit Transfer Magic
How to Get Quest

Have a Spirit Weapon

Briefing Learn about magic that can transfer the Spirits inhabiting the weapon.
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 500 Gold
Additional Information

Berched will give you the book Transfers the Spirit's memory. and the Keyword Spirit Weapon Transfer.

  • To activate the transfer, talk to Tarlach or Berched with the Keyword received.
  • Some of the Spirit Weapon's levels will be lost.
    • Social level will decrease by a fixed value of exactly 2 levels. Any percentage gained prior to transferring will remain.
  • The weapon that was originally used before the transfer will be returned to you. It will have 0 Proficiency with full Durability.
  • The weapon will be returned at base stats.
  • The 'current' durability of the spirit weapon will be equal to its base, not including any bonuses gained from its Will stat.
  • Both weapons will keep their reforges, if applicable.

Different-type Weapon (Dorren)

Spirit Memory Transfer Experiment
How to Get Quest

Complete the Spirit Transfer Magic quest.

Briefing Learn about transferring the memories of one Spirit Weapon to another.
  • 2000 Experience Points
  • 500 Gold
  • To activate the transfer, talk to Dorren with the Keyword Spirit Weapon Transfer.
  • Some of the Spirit Weapon's levels will be lost.
    • Social level will decrease by a fixed value of exactly 3 levels. Any percentage gained prior to transferring will remain.
  • The weapon that was originally used before the transfer will be lost.
  • Reforges will not be transferred.


  • The NPC Eiry is considered a spirit weapon.
  • Previously, players must have had Premium Service to communicate with a spirit weapon.
    • If one had a spirit weapon and lost their Premium Service, one would retain the ability to use the weapon but would be unable to talk to it, feed it, or repair it. Thus, the spirit weapon would slowly degenerate and could not be fed or repaired until Premium Service was renewed.
  • If one talks to Tarlach with the Keyword Spirit Weapon Transfer before completing the Spirit Transfer Magic quest, he will say he never heard of such a thing.