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Category:Ineffective Weapons

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This category is for items that can be equipped on the right hand as weapons but are ineffective as such. If applicable, the item need only be an ineffective weapon in its base item grade version.

  • They may still be used for combat but are less effective than using Bare Hands.
    • Effectiveness is based on the item's max attack. If the max attack is 8 or higher, the weapon is considered effective.
  • They cannot be dual wielded or become spirit weapons.
  • Some of these items have higher item grade versions (from upgrades, monster drops, etc.) which are not ineffective weapons. However, the base item grade version must be an ineffective weapon to be in this category.
    • A higher item grade version of an ineffective weapon will still have low combat stats if compared to a higher item grade version of an effective weapon.
  • When used to target an enemy for combat, ineffective weapons cause on-screen warning messages to appear.
    • The warnings will not appear if a non-targeted combat skill is used, for example Windmill.
    • Using a base item grade Gathering Knife as an example, one of the following on-screen messages will appear upon attacking an enemy:
      • The attack rate of the Gathering Knife is even lower than fighting with your bare hands!
      • Fighting with bare hands would be better than with the Gathering Knife.
      • Gathering Knife is useless as a weapon. Bare hands would be better.
      • Better to fight with bare hands rather than with Gathering Knife.

For information about weapons go to Category:Weapons.


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