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Cold Wind L-Rod

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Equipped Cold Wind L-Rod Sheathed Cold Wind L-Rod
Equipped Sheathed

An L-Rod featuring the spirits of the cold wind that has the effect of sinking the air downwards. It has the power to dig up sand and others, so when using the Landmaker action with this equipped, the sandy hill of Connous deserts could soon be dug up deeper and deeper into the ground.
When using the explore action to detect an artifact, the closer the L-Rod is to the artifact, the light that produces stays on longer, with larger, more frequent beeps
When it beeps 4 times, it's a signal that the artifact is right on the spot, so press and click on the ground where you may suspect the artifact is hiding.

  • The Cold Wind L-Rod will dig a hole into the ground with the Land Maker Action and can also be used with the Exploration Action.
  • Exploration can only be done in the Iria continent.
    • Exploration via the Cold Wind L-Rod at night will receive extra Nighttime Exploration EXP.

See also Category:Exploration Tools.


  • When purchased from Hagel, the Cold Wind L-Rod can only be equipped by Elves, but can be purchased and stored by Humans. If an Elf-allied Human talks to Hagel with a Cold Wind L-Rod in their inventory and at least level 5 Exploration, he will allow them to exchange the Elf-only L-Rod for a Human-only version.
  • Important: The Land Maker action will only work for an allied Humans, however, the L-Rod Exploration action will work whether a Human is allied or not. Also, a Human-only Cold Wind L-Rod cannot be stored on pets, whereas the Elf-only version can be.

Base Stats and Information

Icon of Cold Wind L-Rod
2 × 2
Very Slow 2 Hit Weapon
Base Stats Limitations
Damage 2~6 Injury 0%~0% Human Classic Spirit Blacksmith
90% = 10 G
93% = 40 G
95% = 100 G
96% = 140 G
97% = 200 G
98% = 260 G
100% = 520 G
Balance 40% Critical 5% Elf Enchant
Stun 2.7 sec Upgrade?100 5/1 Giant Reforge
Durability 4
NPC Value?
428 G100 Dual W.100 Sp. Up.100
S. Radius100 100 S. Angle100 15°
S. Damage100 35% SP/Swing100 0.5
Enchant Types?100 / One-handed Weapon / L-Rod / Metal / 
Other Information
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • Hagel - Trading an Elf-only version for a Human-only version.
  • 2,000 G (1,600 G for elf-allied Humans)